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Sunday, March 07, 2021

Zack Tabudlo bares 'Elizabeth,' a song inspired by Liza Soberano

02/28/2021 02:13:20 AM

Zack Tabudlo released a new song recently, and it was inspired by a known female personality in showbiz.

The new song Elizabeth is loosely made out of his admiration for actress Liza Soberano, who also got the Nangangamba singer into songwriting at a young age. 
“I wrote a ton of songs about her starting out until I paved my way to writing through my personal experiences,” Zack confessed. “She's such an inspiration to a lot of people including me, who got started with a craft I love to do.”
The 80s pop-sounding Elizabeth tackles the story of a girl who gives hints of love and interest but is afraid of commitment.  Lyrically-wise speaking, Elizabeth puts accurately into words Zack’s frustration about unrequited love, and how the most interesting pieces of music come from a place of romantic uncertainty and youthful sentiment. 
“The song is about a person who gives you mixed feelings, showing interests but throws you off from time to time,” Zack Tabudlo said of the song. 
As a fictional account that exists in the writer and producer’s fevered imagination, ‘Elizabeth’ gives us a different side of Zack that we haven’t heard of: a distinct range, a flair for infectious storytelling, and a way with words.

As for the production side of things, Zack Tyabudlo's song is heavily indebted to the new wave hits of the ‘80s with its pulsating beats and retro-futurist sheen, rendering the earworm of a track a colorful, fun exterior as a result. 
“It's my first time releasing a song with this style and it's been fun,” the young producer and singer-songwriter said. “I wanted to go for something mellow having the foundation from the original one but has a ‘slow dance’ feel to it instead of going full ballad.”
For his part, Zack incorporates a lot of personal modified samples for the drum tracks and a lot of 80s synths and effects. The aesthetic move allows the eclectic artist to explore sounds outside of his comfort zone, and experiment with outsider ideas that don’t necessarily subscribe to conventional music-making. 

Zack Tabudlo's latest single Elizabeth was released last 26 February 2020 on all digital platforms worldwide via Island Records Philippines and MCA Music Inc. 

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