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Friday, April 02, 2021

Eve Alai collabs with Arjun Ratwatte and Madaid for a cross-cultural track, "Summer"

02/28/2021 12:20:20 PM

The hottest season of the year may have come earlier than the end of February as another collaboration among artists in the different nation has taken place, and we're talking about Singapore-based electronic artist Eve Alai teaming up with UK based artist Arjun Ratwatte and Sri Lankan producer Madaid for the laid-back jam Summer.

Released last 26 February 2021 via Umami Records, Summer serves as a much-welcomed departure from Eve Alai’s deep house numbers, for it strikes gold with the sound of California sunset coasting through fizzy, retro-funk arrangements and feel-good tropical vibes. 

By now, it’s clear that Eve Alai wants to concoct the perfect summer anthem for long drives, and on his latest track, he achieves this feat by writing an earworm of a hook around Warren G’s beloved classic ‘Regulate,’ and infusing guitar chords to the mix. The acclaimed producer tells more of the story upon creating this track with two more personalities, starting with Arjun Ratwatte.
“I wrote the first verse, then the chorus and immediately had Arjun in mind so we got talking about collaborating on the track. He wrote the second verse and the writing was complete, but I felt that the production was missing the last bit of oomph it needed.”
Meanwhile, Sri Lankan producer Madaid completes the foundation built by Eve Alai and Arjun Ratwatte and instills his production style for a warmer sound by switching out the kick drum; bringing the entire cross-cultural-produced track to life by adding his inimitable touch.
“It was a very smooth process for me as we all work on Ableton, so we just sent one project file back and forth between the three of us,” Madaid shared his sentiments regadring this move. “I believe that silence is the canvas we musicians paint on, and that was my thought process when approaching this track.”
The collaboration for Summer has taken place within the three artists’ respective studios in Singapore, UK, and Sri-Lanka in November 2020.  And after months of going back-and-forth in putting their own takes and mixing it in one full song, Eve Alain can only utter words of satisfaction on behalf of his collaborators and what does it mean to them.
“It’s a fulfilling feeling now that song is out! Our comfort zones in terms of genre are worlds apart between the three of us. Finding that middle ground was the beauty of this record.”

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