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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sponge Cola drops new track, 'Labis-labis'

03/29/2021 06:22:20 PM

Sponge Cola has put a relatable spin on the 'love song' format with the new song Labis-Labis.

Released under Sony Music Philippines, the new track depicts the “overflowing, overwhelming joy of being fully yourself with someone,” as this band said. The Siguro Nga hitmakers wrote Labis-Labis from a  sincere, heartwarming place.
“Love is an inexhaustible source of inspiration that takes countless forms; and songs are stories set to music. Every person experiences love differently, but every person experiences love,” said Erwin "Armo" Armovit.
Having redefined stories about romance and defeat from varying lenses, Sponge Cola refuses to pin down their songwriting sensibilities with a one-dimensional approach.

 “With love songs, there is always a new angle/new dimension to explore,” added bassist Gosh Dilay.

“Labis-labis” serves as a testament on how Sponge Cola's works remain true to its core because beyond its gloriously cinematic chorus and inescapable verses, the song is specifically made to describe a moment—fleeting, short, but resonant to the experiences of the people around us, most especially those that chose to accept and reciprocate love in various shapes and forms, regardless of its possible consequences. Their ability to create modern rock classics to their universal appeal has been there.

Dilay perfectly sums up this emotional retreat into words, “it’s the gleeful feeling of excitement upon seeing someone you love, after being away for so long. Or even just after a brief period. That’s the magic of the song.”

For the notable quartet, the recording process turned out to be fun, too, even if it has undergone the most transformations out of any songs that they’ve previously worked on. 
“The song started as a mid-tempo, all acoustic ballad and continuously evolved into its current state as we played it together as a band and incorporated modern arrangement ideas from our producer, Joey Santos.” Armovit said, “We had to play the song repeatedly and listen to really figure out what it needed and where it wanted to go.”
The track brought their funk on, albeit in a subtle way while retaining the unapologetic pop smarts infused in the arrangement. The arrangements also took a more interesting direction music-wise, making it a little more rocking and special. 

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