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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Kaspersky launches wellness campaign 'Pain In The Neck'

05/22/2021 11:32:18 AM

Kaspersky has recently announced its campaign “Pain in the Neck” as it explores users' attitudes when it comes to updating their devices.

This campaign was launched following a recent Kaspersky study wherein people consider installing updates a boring task and half of respondents usually just snooze them, without realizing the importance of maintaining a  high level of security.

They may not find it necessary to gain access to new features or interfaces, but vendors regularly test their offerings to find new potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. The timely installation of updates can serve as an effective defense against cybercriminals. 

Meanwhile, the said downtime can also increase people’s productivity and help with well-being. 40% of respondents said the time can be used for other purposes even if it affects their productivity, while 39% even enjoy the break away from technology.

Generally, users mostly prefer to shift to other activities while updates are being installed. For example, when their devices are unavailable, 31% of respondents try to switch off and relax (watch TV or read a book), 18% distract themselves by cooking, and 9% prefer sports or going for a walk. Almost a quarter of respondents (23%) continue to do what they were doing, simply switching to another device.
“It makes complete sense to switch to another device while the gadget you were using originally is going through an update cycle. Playing sports, cooking, or a little meditation could be a timely break from the working day, helping people to relax and reboot. We were pleased to see in our survey that many people already follow healthy practices, and we call on others to follow their example. Doing so will not only help to improve your mood but can also increase productivity,” commented Maria Namestnikova, Head of GReAT Russia, Kaspersky.
In terms of the campaign “Pain in the Neck”, Kaspersky, in collaboration with the well-known blogger, yoga teacher, and personal trainer Shona Vertue, also prepared a short course of simple exercises that can be completed during the installation of updates. The course itself is very simple and can be performed at home by people of all abilities. See the video below.

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