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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Kaspersky and Skill Cup launch mobile course to help families with cybersecurity and digital ethics

06/06/2021 10:52:22 AM

Kaspersky and Skill Cup recently teamed up as they launch a mobile course to help both parents and oped with the Kaspersky Security Awareness platform team, which has been launched to help parents and their kids better navigate cybersecurity and digital ethics.

This course was launched in time for International Children's Day (2 June 2021), this free program covers cover key issues and challenges that children may face while using their devices and surfing the internet.

Kaspersky and Skill Cup's recent collaboration came following a variety of survey that proves children ages 11-12 are already using gadgets, and they may be exposed to the unsafe side of the digital world.

Available in English and Russian languages for both iOS and Android mobile users, the program is based on the Skill Cup mobile app and consists of a series of interactive lessons organized into several topical units. These are presented in a variety of formats, including articles, videos, quizzes, and infographics.

Also, topics included in this course cover the most important issues of digital ethics and literacy, including cyberbullying, rules for communicating with strangers, dangerous content (such as groups and challenges), and types of fraud, etc. At the end of each lesson, a small test is taken to assess knowledge and understanding of the topic.

“It's hard to imagine school children without gadgets these days. So sooner rather than later, parents will buy the first smartphone for their child who will be introduced to a brave new digital world. Then comes the dilemma for any parent: how to keep a child safe from various cyberthreats and not interfere too much with a child’s personal digital space in the process. We came up with the idea of an express mobile course for parents, which will ensure they understand the nature of current cyberthreats for children. It will also provide them with some tips and tricks on how to maintain a reasonable level of security without needing to resort to being overly controlling or imposing tough restrictions,” commented Denis Barinov, Head of Kaspersky Academy.
“Today’s children are used to a wide range of social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and others. That’s why the learning format should be adjusted to their content consumption habits. At Skill Cup we use microlearning as a format that helps to deliver knowledge in a fun and engaging way,” said Roman Mandrik, CEO and Founder of Skill Cup.
More information about the course and the content available can be found via this link

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