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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Zelijahn drops new EP, 'Press F To Drop Out'

06/21/2021 11:14:54 PM

Award-winning rapper, songwriter, and producer Zelijah recently dropped his long-awaited debut EP under Sony Music Philippines.

The 6-track release titled Press F To Drop Out, featured a collaboration with rising rapper Ellis G as it navigates a story of two college dropouts pursuing their passion in music and arts while facing the challenges of juggling adult responsibilities and landing a lucrative career out of their chosen paths. Lyrically, it’s a self-assured work that thwarts expectations, which allows these two artists to break out of their mold and embrace vulnerability. From a musical standpoint, Press F To Drop Out is an innovative piece of work that explores music beyond the fringes and outside of the two artists’ comfort zone. 
“We made it happen by incorporating unusual sounds and instruments, as well as trying new genres we wouldn’t usually dive into,” Zelijah said. “The ending result is a colorful EP that caters to every emotion.”
Instead of focusing on a specific music sensibility and movement, Zelijah and Ellis G have resorted to music experimentation for a more diverse musical journey.
 “In today’s era, there’s a growing openness within listeners and musicians in terms of genre-bending,” stated Zelijah. “More people are developing a liking towards bizarre genre combinations and ‘weird’ sounds you don’t usually hear from a song. This became our driving force in creating the EP.”
On the brooding tune “Hellhound,” the multi-hyphenate artist borrows inspiration from hyperpop and UK drill, while on “17,” he mines bossa nova and lo-fi hip-hop influences for a more laid-back, summery vibe. While Zelijah maintains full creative control over his songs, he is grateful to Ellis G for the latter’s esteemed contribution to the record and for challenging him to separate his work as a featured artist and a producer. “This is where Ellis steps in. He freestyled his verses in most songs from the EP and he often gives valuable input in writing. He sets the mood and separation between producing and recording and it’s really helped in the overall process of the EP.”

Press F To Drop Out is produced, mixed, mastered, and written by Zeliah, and is co-written by Ellis G. Other notable collaborators here are Malli and co-producer Tashi, a young producer based in Manila, for “Hellhound.”  There's also “Rags 2 Racks,” which features a guitar arrangement from Lexus Cabanting, and the “Fake Friends” which highlights a saxophone solo from SUD’s Carlos Dela Fuente.

Meanwhile, the EP’s carrier single called “Black Silk” is a stylistic effort that blends Miami bass with electronic and hip-hop music, making listeners feel like they’re “walking down the runaway.”

According to Zelijah, the track is “basically a song about fashion, lifestyle, and the interconnections of both” and brings a “certain feeling of confidence and power, perfect for when you need a quick pick-me-up.”

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