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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Ben&Ben and Moira reunites for new collaboration project, a song titled 'Pasalubong'

07/30/2021 09:07:51 PM

Ben&Ben and Moira had done it again. 

Following its collaboration last year with the heartwarming ballad Paalam, these two popular artists recently reunited to do a song that captures the intensity of deep longing and persistent desire.

Titled Pasalubong, the second duet is a romantic confessional that drips with unapologetic sentimentality—a song that is defenseless in its yearning and honesty, hoping that one’s profession of love will be received and reciprocated.

Ben&Ben said in a statement that the song was inspired by two different yet distinct definitions of this word. While Pasalubong is a term that is commonly used to refer to a gift, and a word that could also mean to meet. 
“The track is a play on both these meanings,” the acclaimed nine-piece outfit explained.
Moira adds that the song’s impact radiates on a universal level, simply because it shows bravery and honesty despite the odds. 
It isn’t so common anymore today to say what you mean,” said the hitmaker. “So I love that after a whole song of poetry, we end with the simplest but scariest lines to say…. Gusto Kita.”
Written and produced by the band and thins singer-songwriter, with arrangement from Andrew De Pano, the folk-pop tune encapsulates the beauty in sparseness, and the magic in turning an outpour of emotion into a generation-defining anthem. Ben&Ben’s very own percussionist reveals that he was tasked to oversee the production side of the material, relying heavily on the weight of the word as basis for the arrangement and the overall vibe. 
“A big immediate difference from the usual Ben&Ben sound is the way the guitars sound, and the absence of most of our usual elements in the beginning. There was a major effort to really embody and project emotions of waiting and uncertainty and longing, and the ‘bass drum’ sound that is present throughout the song is meant to symbolize those times we get so caught up deep in thought that we end up hearing our own heartbeat.”
For their part, the team of multi-awarded singer-songwriters Moira and Jason Marvin Hernandez helped finish the lyrics and added lines that give the material its enduring pop appeal. 
“For Pasalubong, we built it from the original song and added elements to it while in the car on our way to the Ben&Ben house,” Moira shared. 
Together, Ben&Ben and Moira interpreted the heart-wrenching nature of the material with precision and character; making the song both timely and timeless in the process, with every flow punctuated by unwavering vulnerability, and every word cutting deep and beautifully. 
“With Moira and Paolo’s evocative vocal performance and the band’s emotional execution of Andrew’s arrangement, Pasalubong is a song that will certainly bring up all kinds of feelings, and hopefully will give people comfort in knowing that they aren’t alone in their frustration and longing,” the band said in a statement.
In terms of delivery, Moira is very particular with the tone being conversational, as if telling a friend about her day or sharing the story to a lover. She also commends Andrew for being hands on in the studio, guiding her in every step of the way. 
“He has this crazy way of making something complicated, seem so simple. There’s this pitch where we used the 7th note for the last chorus which I thought was genius— that was all Andrew.”
Pasalubong is the third single off Ben&Ben upcoming sophomore full-length album to be released next month. The song is now available on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Philippines, with its music video premiered at the same day (30 July 2020).

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