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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Elise Huang asserts self-worth and empowerment on her debut song under Island Records, "Lonely"

08/16/2021 08:56:47 PM

Elise Huang, a Filipina singer-songwriter known for her stripped-down emotional confessionals, has leaped transition to a new brand of music with her new single.

Aptly titled "Lovely" Elise's first single off Island Records Philippines and MCA Music Inc. takes the middle ground between introspective, acoustic pop, and producer-driven R&B music that tackles self-worth and women empowerment with a refreshing new perspective.
"I've just grown tired of hearing my friend's stories about the guys they're dating, which ghost them and come back only when they feel like it," says Elise Huang. "I wrote the song out of that and to remind people that they shouldn't settle for someone who sees you as a security blanket. We are worth the dinner dates, flowers, and the commitment."
Taking a swipe at men who only remember they're in a relationship when loneliness strikes, "Lonely" is a kiss-off that navigates one-sided relationships with wisdom developed through years of observation and familiarity.

Elise Huang has tapped producers Sam de Leon and knōwmaad, who brought a different dimension to her sound without fully getting rid of what made her distinct in the first place. This smothering crossover song also had Daniel Monong (Recording Engineer), Jana Lee (Mixing Engineer), and Nick Azurin (Mastering Engineer) as part of its collaborators.

In terms of following a particular music direction, Elise Huang explains that she has long wanted to get into modern pop/R&B. "Lonely" takes this path with compelling earnestness, giving the singer-songwriter a chance to tick off the box on her wish list. "It was actually my very first attempt at the genre, and I'm still writing more songs hopefully similar to it," Elise Huang points out. "I want to challenge myself and experiment with other types of music. All I really hope to achieve is to find my sound in whatever this is and stick to it, and hope that people like it too."

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