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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Juan Karlos travels along the busy EDSA for 'Boston' music video

08/08/2021 12:31:21 PM

In one afternoon in July, Juan Karlos was seen inside a pickup truck, strumming his guitar while traversing the busy stretch of EDSA – filming the music video of his comeback single Boston.

Boston is about a past love—one that is outlined in bittersweet longing and reminiscence. The old memories, as well as the ‘what-could’ve-beens’, were carefully and honestly expressed through a narrative that is carried by Juan Karlos’ unique sound.

This guerilla music video shoot was directed by renowned photographer Shaira Luna; showcasing this faint yet lingering string of emotions through JK's fragile rock-sounding masterpiece and his unsteady journey to the unknown.

Juan Karlos wholeheartedly sings every word of the song, only to be drowned by the overlapping noise of the metro. This is the reality told through this piece of music--the futile pouring of one’s heart to somebody who can no longer hear a single word that is uttered.

The rocky highway, the rapidly changing scenery, and the trail of endless vehicles paint a familiar picture of moving forward while aimlessly navigating a space that is unpredictable yet repetitive at the same time. This scene perfectly illustrates the story behind the song’s lyrics—that of an uncontrollable situation that led to a choice of letting go of what is now the source of longing.

Overall Creative Direction leads Otto Hernandez and Steven Victor spearheaded the passionate team of this visual narrative.

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