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Friday, August 13, 2021

Juan Karlos releases new song, the laid-back, what-ifs themed 'Boston'

07/30/2021 10:06:39 PM

After a long break, acclaimed artist Juan Karlos returns with Boston, a new song that showcases a more laid-back, stripped-down approach in terms of songwriting and production.  

Released digitally via Island Records Philippines and MCA Music Inc., Boston revisits an old memory with a former flame and runs with the fictional idea of “what could have been” if decisions in life were done differently. The song also documents that lingering bittersweet feeling of longing that, because of circumstances beyond control, cannot persist.

Going beyond his comfort zone, Juan Karlos recorded Boston alone in his home studio without his band, with Dix Lucero doing additional sax and flute parts and Noel De Brackinghe as for the Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Engineer duties; resulting in the material being more intricately layered but tastefully sparse.

With subtle instrumentation that allows the sentiment of the song to soar and tug hearts, Juan Karlos’ latest single embraces his introspective side with creative whims and folk-rock sensibilities, while retaining a sense of hushed fragility.
“I’ve always wanted a smple treatment with a touch of complexity,” the young singer-songwriter said in a statement. “Boston works in that vein, and it captures my personal vision as a musician.”
Accompanying the release of this single is a music video that features Juan Karlos himself performing in a moving pickup, with EDSA as his backdrop. The visual narrative shows the alt-pop artist singing with his guitar, as he traverses the sprawling urban stretch aimlessly as if navigating places without a particular destination.

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