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Monday, September 06, 2021

Fern. talks about being stuck in new R&B song 'Looping'

08/28/2021 06:31:12 PM

Fern. continues to bring yet another surge of interest with his brand of summery, laid-back jams with the new track called Looping.

Released by Island Records Philippines and MCA Music, this new song parks new modes of inspiration with its carefree instrumentation and minimalist but sophisticated vocal styling, taking listeners back to when everyone is free to stroll through the city and embrace life with a movie-like sheen. It also expresses the feeling of infinite limbo, as if reflecting the collective sentiments of the people during the pandemic.
"It's about feeling stuck in a certain situation, whether that's with someone you are dating, a family member, or a friend," the prolific Filipino pop singer-songwriter explained in a statement. "I wrote it when I felt stuck in a certain relationship, and I felt like I was losing myself in it, and every day felt like a loop. Everything I write is just a piece of myself that I translate into an audio form, so I hope this song can put more sense to people's situations."

In terms of overall vibe, Fern. shares that he has been listening to a lot of R&B and hip-hop music lately, thus affecting the production for this particular track. Without losing his usual "cold" music aesthetic, Fern. delivers a bop that thrives in lightheartedness and not so much on clinical precision and method.
"I'm not trying to achieve anything in terms of sound," said the young singer and multi-instrumentalist. "Most of the time, I just go with what my gut tells me."
Released ahead of his upcoming album titled Dreamwalker, "Looping" is written and produced by Fern. himself, was is mixed by Sonny Zero, a good friend of his. Despite the timezone difference, with the rising pop artist living in Metro Manila and his sound engineer being based in Amsterdam, the duo has found genuine connection work-wise.

The song comes with a music video made with his group of friends.
"It was pretty cool cause we shot a video while we were on vacation, so it didn't feel like work," Fern. Said in conclusion. "As for the concept, we just wanted to bring the idea of "Looping" to life at the same time having fun with the performance shots and all that."

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