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Wednesday, September 08, 2021

The Punkin' Comeback

09/05/2021 06:23:34 PM

By the time I post this article, we probably had seen All Out. But I wouldn't comment on that match (at least, not yet). I'm more after this iconic moment.

More known as the legendary CM Punk, Phil Brooks has returned to professional wrestling for the first time in seven years—or sixteen, in his own opinion. We all know we last saw CM Punk in that squared circle stage during WWE Royal Rumble as a competitor and on WWE Backstage as one of the analyzing mouthpieces.

A few weeks ago, when I guested for The MTG Show Podcast, I told him that I would only believe that news if —and only if—he confirmed that for real. While it's a good thing to keep yourself thinking after reading details from the dirt sheets, the tendency that backstage journals would ruin the surprises, especially that the internet wrestling community has practically debunked every possible angle they could think. In hindsight, this could trigger smarks and casual fans to call wrestlers and promotions 'liars' or any other allegations.

Now that he came back, it looks like the landscape of competition on mainstream wrestling has changed big time. Plus, with World Wrestling Entertainment getting a bad rep for its lackluster product, backstage and front-office politics, and massive lay-offs, this may look like a big uppercut to an ongoing slugfest.

Will CM Punk's return be a game-changer as it looks? In a short period, it is. Challenging how the hype would last is a subject to criticism because fans have clamored for his reemergence for the longest time. Now that he's around, the question is... what now?

Judging on the clip alone looks like CM Punk's a changed man. Well, it's natural to see someone after a very long time return to the scene with a smile on their face and a renewed spirit. And it's always a good thing for someone like CM Punk to have his passion reignited for whatever reasons and after a series of talks.

Punk is back, and All Elite Wrestling is still in the ball game. The question: for how long? That, for now, remains to be seen.

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