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Monday, November 15, 2021

Dionela releases new song that compares love to a gamble

11/12/2021 11:38:44 PM

The latest track from the rising star Dionela talks about loving a person as being equated e to betting your heart in a gamble.

The new song, titled Sugal, talks about how this activity is considered a risky endeavor that has no assurance of winning or losing, but it’s part of growing up. 
“The song is about being courageous in falling in love again after so many heartbreaks from your past toxic relationships,” the Agaw singer-songwriter/producer added.
With his velvety vocals floating freely into the background, Dionela delivers a captivating performance that fleshes out both his persona and aesthetic. Over slick, bedroom beats and somber instrumentation, he sings as if coming from a place of innocence and earnestness—never holding back, but ready to accept whatever consequences that might come his way.

Released by MCA Music, Sugal is written and produced by Dionela himself and is considered as a product of both love and experiment.
“Everything, from tracking to mastering, I did it in my room,” Dionela explained. “There are flaws about the track when it comes to the technical side, but I’m beyond happy about the result.  It feels like the first time I rode a bike without the training wheels and I’m super proud of it.”
Dionela's latest release follows the tremendous success of “Agaw,” which has amassed over a million streams to date, and the moody but inescapable tune “Gone,” released in 2020.

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