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Wednesday, November 03, 2021

NOBITA drops new song under Sony Music Philippines, 'Di Na Mag-iisa'

10/24/2021 01:40:50 PM

As a testament to its rapid rise, NOBITA has recently released it maiden single after signing with Sony Music Philippines.

The new song titled “Di Na Mag-iisa” is set to leave a lasting mark to its fans. Blending sparse, soulful instrumentation with words of romantic earnestness, the song stays loyal to the classic formula that made “Ikaw Lang” and “Unang Sayaw,” remarkable hits, while embracing the sensibilities of a kundiman—a genre of traditional Filipino love songs that express intense longing and devotion with someone you care deeply about. The song also shares the same chord progression with their other track “The Search Is Over,” which is currently the only English song released by NOBITA.

According to vocalist Jaeson Felismino, “Di Na Mag-iisa” is inspired by the wedding vows that he has witnessed through the years, which shaped his views on love and the many layers that surround its existence. 
“The song is about the kind of affection that you've never known, a connection that is stronger than anything else in this world, a sense of serenity and happiness that is beyond your imagination. It sums up that very rare fondness of being one with that kindred soul, and finally confirming to the rest of the world that you are not alone anymore.”
Di Na Mag-iisa was written, arranged, and produced by all the members of NOBITA, with guidance from their producer, Isagani Palabyab of Monostery Studio. Without overdoing the music treatment, the band has stripped things down with a simple, soaring melody and an inescapable chorus that work sonically within their realm, resulting is a heartwarming pop song that understands how feelings work, and how it sometimes pushes people to be the best version of themselves.
“We just want to convey that they should not despair because there is someone destined for them,” drummer Roman Lester Moñegas shared. “We don’t want our listeners to lose hope. We’ll never know tomorrow brings.”
After releasing very emotional, poignant tracks in two years, the one-time Muziklaban semi-finalist is currently working on some new songs, including a Christmas-inspired tune to get us in the mood for the holidays. They’re also slated to release a variety of material soon under Sony Music Philippines, their music label. 
“Being a part of this label is truly an honor; hence, pressure grows,” guitarist Sam Aquino says. “But we're ready to take the challenge and up our game.”

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