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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

BLASTER drops new Holiday song, the mellow 'Pasko'y Hindi na Masaya'

12/04/2021 03:20:45 PM

In time for the holiday season, Blaster has launched a song that redefines the Christmas season in a profound sadness and grief due to the pandemic. 

The Filipino experimental/alternative artist has released his latest offering PASKO’Y HINDI NA MASAYA via Island Records Philippines, which is dedicated to countless of people whose lives were hit hard by unfortunate circumstances, and are dreading of how challenging the days might be—be it experiencing Christmas with the loss of a loved one or abandoning expectations at least for this season’s run as a way of coping.
“This one is not really about celebrating Christmas,” said the eclectic singer-songwriter and producer. “It’s more of a tribute to those that we’ve lost, and a nostalgic yearning of how Christmas used to be.”
PASKO’Y HINDI NA MASAYA may not fall under the conventional holiday songs that articulate the merry warmth of the yuletide spirit, but the modern day anthem gives a sobering reality to some folks who happen to experience Christmas in a different light by recognizing sadness and nostalgia as they find a way to rise above life’s obstacles.
“I decided to make it sound old and new, while maintaining some classic melodies in the mix,” shared the Disko Forever act. “I’ve also incorporated some electronic and synth elements to give it a more contemporary flavor. In terms of lyrics, Dan Tanedo helped me with writing the song.”
Following the holiday single release, Blaster will have a nostalfia-themed music video  compilation of old Christmas videos from the 80s and 90s. 

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