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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Flick ReView: Death To 2021

01/12/2022 05:52:50 PM

Death To 2021 poster (

Death to 2021 follows its predecessor, Death to 2020. Perhaps a move that prompted the Black Mirror Creators—Broke and Bones—would become an annual ender offering as a Netflix original. 

This sequel focuses more on the news surrounding the United States—the Big Tech and anything related to COVID-19, such as the emerging Delta variant and the vaccine misinformation. It also runs for 60 minutes—10 short of its originator.

While the first one seems to have many not-so-good reactions from the viewing public, the second Death mockumentary appears to be a bit inferior to the initial inception—at least, for me. The second offering was short on duration and topics covered, and I felt disconnected along the way. It may have fewer laughs than the other, and the relevancy seems hard to find, or if ever, they were foiled.

Overall, the show underperformed. It didn't have that humor that was somewhat consistently shown during the Death To 2020. Perhaps, the only bright side of the sequel, aside from a still-stellar cast of actors and actresses, is there were more light-hearted stories compared to the other.

The Verdict: 6/10

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