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Friday, January 28, 2022

Flick ReView: Don't Look Up

01/12/2022 02:13:33 PM

Don't Look Up poster (IMDb)

It was funny yet depressive. Some fans loved it, and some critics had opinions about this. Nevertheless, it is known that Don't Look Up has been one of the best movies shown before the year-end, topping over fellow Netflix offerings like the supposedly timely-mockumentary Death To 2021.

I never thought disaster and comedy would mix that well. Maybe, blame it on Adam McKay's abilities and experience as a veteran writer who worked for Saturday Night Live, Anchorman, and Ant-Man, to name a few. Satire is something that mass audiences have rarely appreciated for various reasons. At times, the genre's also a challenging piece of work to be praised with a blunt yet vicious, redundant, and cynical approach. That perhaps can be a neutralizer for one of the star-studded movies of the past few months. Have to give a hand to Leonardo Di Caprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep for being the stellar ones among them, though.

Don't Look Up depicted climate change in a darkly humorous way. It also showcased meme culture and social media virality, mental health issues, the usual corruption practices liking business and politics, and the public's general ignorance and disregard for science on the side. It also showcased how the powerful chose not to act upon and how those with a vested interest can mislead people—and probably how they can twist their way out to maneuver.

While the 2 ½ hour-long motion picture has been quite entertaining, the challenge lies on people who remain incompetent to read beyond the line of this allegory, whether they detect everything and realize they were played on by everyone upstairs. Perhaps, it's the only bright side of this paradigm shift-slash-propaganda machine (whichever side you are on) that Hollywood has showcased in the general scheme of things.

And that would probably say this flick stay afloat like a Meteora, for now.

The Verdict: 7.4/10

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