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Monday, January 03, 2022

Flick ReView: Red Notice

11/28/2021 11:23:27 AM

Red Notice poster (IMDB)

For a movie that has three of today's biggest stars in Hollywood, Red Notice appears to be larger than life and the paper. And after a series of overwhelmingly plot twists, they tried. It was highly entertaining, proven that you quit sitting in your brain for nearly two hours. 

After all, Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is more than just Blake Lively's wife and dabbled in various action and comedy movies. Besides, Israeli actress Gal Gadot isn't just a Wonder Woman, and Dwayne Johnson—known to many as The Rock—certainly isn't just being called the highest-paid movie actor for nothing. 

Red Notice is one of the movies that has a massive budget, and a twisted hype by Netflix that went wrong somewhere in Manila (if you know what I mean). I mean what can you do if you have these three thespians and a 200-million dollar fund, aside from travelling around the world and pull off some heists better than Lupin III but pale than El Casa De Papel?

Nothing, other than to pull off an adventure. I mean sure you can do other genres, but for a third collaboration between Johnson and film writer-director Rawson Marshall Thubber? Sounds like there were a lot of overdoing in this formulaic action-comedy motion picture that has been driven by adrenaline and countless gags that can stop your breath for too long, and it can't be hat good.

It certainly can fuck your mind for a second and you would ask, 'Is that it?'

Verdict: 6.7/10

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