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Friday, January 14, 2022

Flick ReView: Spider-Man: No Way Home

01/10/2022 11:47:19 PM

Spider-Man: No Way Home poster from IMDb

Disclaimer: This article may contain spoilers. So if I were you, watch the damn movie first.

It has been one of the most anticipated motion pictures the public has been clamoring for the year. Spider-Man: No Way Home has been considered one of the centerpieces of Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase Four. It has a similar storyline that involves multiple dimensions, alternate realities, and many complicated conflicts.

Picking up from what they left off during Far From Home, the third MCU Spider-Man movie showed the total vulnerability of this character. Perhaps, it also depicted a timely issue surrounding identity crisis, the controversy that triggers within, and its consequential pitfalls that potentially dictate the future of the multiverse.

No Way Home appears to be a grand finale to the Spider-Man arch by the first look. Several ghosts of the past appeared, left and right, to continuously haunt the young and modern Peter Parker—and similar names to help him out. It had the right amount of compelling drama, heart-stopping action, and weight-lifting humor that most of us probably forgot that we spent 228 minutes watching.

The screenplay by Eric Sommers and Chris McKenna and the direction of Jon Watts definitely did a splendid job by putting these three gender elements by fleshing out the main storyline, hashing the sides, and planting seeds on possible plots come to the next MCU show. Add to that are the redemption twists among three Spider-Mans, its supporting characters, and even its quality-laden villains.

It was one hell of a ride that would probably give some a glimpse of how It's A Wonderful Life went on with, though a bit inferior drama to that of Sam Rami's Spider-Man 2.

Willem Dafoe deserves an award for pulling it together. For sure, portraying the mental and maniacal Norman Osborne/Green Goblin has been a show-stealer more than the Happy Hogan-Aunt May affair. The first villain returned with timeless tenacity, the usual fierce vibe, and never-ending vengeance in mind.

I'm also quite impressed with Alfred Molina's ageless look as Dr. Otto Octavius. He became the massive round character by turning himself into the light. It may be two decades since the second major Spider-Man film, and technologies may have been too radically advanced. Still, time can really change a lot of things.

Jamie Foxx also deserved to be massively recognized for reprising Maxx Dillon/Electro. Meanwhile, I'm excited for what's next for Ned Leeds since discovering his powers. Comic geeks may have known what he's actually bound to. Still, given the magic abilities similarly to Dr. Stephen Strange, it's not that hard yet remains very interesting to speculate—just not sure if it's on Multiverse of Madness or beyond that.

Lastly, Filipinos definitely got the last laugh with that Lola right there.

Just when I thought The Avengers movies series were the only ambitious among the MCU Bunch, I was wrong. Sony and Marvel Studios definitely made a wise decision to lay all the groundwork in luring the characters of the past seven SpiderMan movies. Plus, the two movie companies managed to put on the formula that has defined the cinematic universe moving forward.

To say Now Way Home is nothing but a  massive triple crossover for just a nostalgic act and fan service is injustice—a way inferior term than an understatement. 

You may call "for old time's sake" and "one for the road," but these won't warrant enough judgmental weight about the flick. Well, minus the soundtrack. 

Verdict: 8.6/10

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