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Saturday, January 15, 2022

PlayBack: The Bloomfields – A Drop into the Blue (album)

03/15/2021 09:40:01 AM

It was the most significant milestone for The Bloomfields to end the decade. Eight years since releasing Hit The Ground Running, this old-school soundin' quartet launched its latest album. Unleashing their "originals" side apart from headlining solo shows usually run on a series of good ol' rock n' roll covers.

Yes, The Bloomfields aren't just your ordinary Beatles-ish showband for the nth time because this band can create original pieces that push their envelope to be more creative and express many sentiments. This phase probably started in 2018 when they began building their new crafts and booked themselves into the usual production outfit-tailored gigs in bars like saGuijo and Route 196.

Take, for instance, how Ilaw can be such a gem on social commentary with its smiles and metaphors expressing how society can be susceptible to an era where fake news proliferates at such the same rate as the typical gossiping. Or probably how melodramatic Huli Ka may be their subtle way of bringing out the angst.

Breathe It In, and Out Of Sight are two potential classic ballads, if you think about it, while Tutut can mask one's episode in a somewhat doo-wop approach. But that's just the surface of what this album has. 

For ten tracks and 43 minutes, A Drop Into Blue is a sure-fire playback-getter. 'Walang tapon,' for the better term in Filipino. Much better if you get the actual CD to have the remixed versions of four songs. All of which provides a similar distinct yet refreshing take (I kind of like the more rocking version of Ilaw, while the stripped-down acoustic of Out Of Sight may be a sudden way out).

Verdict: 9.4

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