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Thursday, February 03, 2022

PlayBack: UDD – Up Dharma Down (album)

03/14/21 10:31:07 PM

I admit: I'm not a big fan of this band, even if I tend to hear some of their hit songs in the past. So that probably gave me an idea of what the fuzz is all about on people loving Up Dharma Down, on why they managed to send everyone inside the confines of either saGuijo, 19 East, 70s Bistro, or even the now-defunct places like 12 Monkeys and Route 196.

God, once UDD performs for a certain gig, expect either a full-house or SRO night ahead with people clamoring all the #hugot lyrics embodied in synth-pop and alternative sounds.

And their long-awaited album probably sums up why UDD is still at the top of the game in the music scene. They didn't totally drive away from whatever they had done in Capacities, but they certainly added more flavor. I mean, from the sultriness and smooth introduction to more new wave and 90s alternative feel, UDD delivered big time. 

Sigurado and All The Good Things Moving On got some revamp, which still makes them absolute bangers from what they used to years ago. Fool Truth had the most swabe approach of a curtain-raiser, while Tambalan made them reach the uptempo-ish peak until a gradual descend from synth-heavy Never to the J-Pop ballad-feelin' Young Again. 

Safe to say, this album is now filed under my personal top favorites in recent memory.

The Verdict: 8.5

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