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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Newsletter: TNT Tropang Giga Kelly Williams and Ryan Reyes join Better Today conversations on mental health


“Small steps are better than no steps.”

This is what TNT Tropang Giga cagers Kelly Williams and Ryan Reyes emphasized when they sat down with PLDT and Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) for a conversation on mental resilience for #BetterToday.

For the two basketball stars, playing on the hard court has changed their lives. “It basically kept me off the streets. Some of the most freeing moments of my life have been on the court,” Williams shared.
“The best thing about being a basketball player is being able to wake up every day, doing what you love to do for a living,” Reyes added.
But chasing their passions and finding their purpose in the game was not always easy. 
“Basketball, especially at the professional level, is also mentally challenging. We went through the finals in the last conference where there was so much adversity that we had to overcome as a team. All of us understood that it’s going to be tough, but with that understanding, we have guys who stepped up,” said Williams.
Reyes also shared that he went through a tough time when he lost his brother, but that he was able to overcome it with the help of his support system. “Personal connections and strong support system are a big help when you are experiencing mental health struggles, whether it’s friends, family, anyone that can listen to you. And I encourage you guys to go to them and lean on them,” the veteran guard shared. 
Williams also opened up on his own struggles with stress and mental issues. “I’ve been to a place where I just wanted to give up, but I’ve also gotten up. And that’s how I know I can tell you that it’s possible. Better is possible. It can get better. It does get better. It 100% starts with us.”
To those struggling with stress and mental health issues, the two superstars shared that it is important to take even the smallest step forward. “As much as people want to help you, it’s tough if we’re not able to stand up ourselves. There is talk therapy, or writing in a journal, or just trying to think of things that you’re grateful for,” Williams said. 
“There’s someone out there who will listen and would make time to listen to you. We’re praying for you, and we hope that you’ll get through it,” Reyes added.   
Through the #BetterToday initiative, PLDT and Smart seek to uplift and improve the overall digital wellness of Filipinos, underscoring the commitment of PLDT and Smart to the UN Sustainable Development Goals #3: Good Health and Well-Being. 
Catch their episode on Better Today PH Facebook page.


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