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Friday, February 10, 2023

The Rundown Slam: WWE Royal Rumble 2023

02/10/2023 03:50:42 PM

Photo from WWE.Obtained via Bleacher Report

You know, I shouldn't be writing stuff about this monumental wrestling event. Hey, we're almost three weeks removed from the Royal Rumble, so why do we need to milk more on this annual January WWE show which shows the opening salvo on the WrestleMania season?

Hey, for what it's worth. WWE made the right call for the men's rumble match to kick off the program. Sure, half of us already predicted that Cody is gonna win it for his family-related conquest, unless if you're an insanely diehard Sami Zayn fan (which I'll say, you need to take a hard look in the mirror). Just felt a little bit sad that Gunther can only be the iron man and a de facto final boss for this contest and extend further just to make the American's Nightmare win a little bit convincing. 

No wonder why the women's rumble match fared way better than its male counterpart. Although it seems like it was a bit of a swerve for Rhea Ripley. Time for this goth lady of Judgment Day to shine more than just being a 'Mami' to Dominik Mysterio. Have to commend both her and Liv Morgan though, because they started the match and finished still with the two of them in the ring,

Meanwhile, don't you just feel sad when the Pitch-Black match came up really short – even if you include its aftermath shenanigans – after such a long-ass build-up that came after Survivor Series. I don't know what to tell you; but at this time Bray Wyatt is just as good for being such a hype man and not on the delivery itself. 

The RAW Women's Championship match did wonders more for Alexa Bliss than the champion himself. Although she eventually took a break from being a performer, it is interesting to see whether the once Little Miss Bliss would reunite with Bray and join his dark cult.

Lastly, the main event has overshadowed all the signature matches for this evening. Forget that Gunther lasted 71 minutes, or this was clearly another page in the Brock Lesnar-Bobby Lashley feud, or how Kofi didn't pull off his stunts for the second straight year. The Bloodline saga continues to become the top family dramarama for 1 ½ years – almost the same existence of The Shield's first run. The post-match shenanigans may have ignited the end to the relative-ran faction, but the story of this warfare never ends; as if I'm watching that old episode of Familia Zaragoza.

Sounds to me like a 4 ¼ hour-ran premium live event is so dragging in front of more than 51 thousand fans inside the Alamodome. But with almost every match being like a bunch of bangers, Triple H certainly did his job right as head of creative nowadays than Vince McMahon. Although, the Philippine coverage courtesy of Disney+ really sucks. The frame rate makes me feel like I'm watching a strobe theater. It didn't help that they didn't make appropriate measures in cutting through commercials and back to the live feed broadcast.

Yeah, we miss the ACTUAL WWE Network.

Verdict: 8.5/10

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