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Thursday, June 08, 2023

Newsletter: Acronis launches SOC Amplify, a 100-hour training program designed to address the cybersecurity talent gap in Singapore


Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, is proud to announce the launch of SOC Amplify, a groundbreaking 100-hour training program aimed at addressing the critical shortage of professionals in the cybersecurity industry. Commencing on June 1, 2023, this comprehensive course is specifically designed to equip individuals without any background in cybersecurity to become skilled SOC (Security Operations Center) professionals. SOC Amplify will provide hands-on training in cybersecurity tools and techniques, along with a solid understanding of cybersecurity concepts and best practices.

The globally cybersecurity industry has 4.6 million professionals in 2022 (Statista) holding two of the top 10 fastest-growing jobs in Singapore (LinkedIn report). Yet, like many countries, Singapore faces an urgent cybersecurity talent gap, a challenge affecting IT businesses worldwide. As cyberattacks continue to rise, it is crucial for Singapore to bridge this talent gap and fulfil the numerous vacant cybersecurity positions scattered across the nation. Without a robust workforce to defend large enterprises, Singapore faces an increased risk of being targeted by cyberterrorists. According to a recent ISC2 study, there is a global shortage of 3.4 million cybersecurity professionals, with 2.1 million positions unfilled in the Asia-Pacific region alone.

Kevin Reed, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Acronis, emphasized the significance of closing the cybersecurity talent gap, stating, "The cybersecurity gap is widening globally, and filling these positions is even more challenging when most people lack any cybersecurity background. As a leader in innovative technology, it is more important than ever for Singapore to address the cybersecurity talent shortage. SOC Amplify will train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to fill these gaps and secure our future. I am confident that this initiative will drive positive changes towards a safer digital environment." Kevin Reed is imparting 20+ years of experience to participants as the lecturer of the course. 

The pilot run of SOC Amplify is offered complimentary under the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program. Trish Ng, Project Manager at Acronis Cyber Foundation Program, acknowledges the challenge of filling cybersecurity positions due to the lack of prior experience and believes the program is making significant progress in closing this gap. “The Acronis Cyber Foundation Program has successfully trained various groups in Singapore, including ex-offenders, seniors, and youth. By extending its training efforts to individuals without prior exposure to cybersecurity, Acronis aims to contribute to a safer and more innovative future for Singapore and Asia. This program underscores Acronis' commitment to bridging the cybersecurity gap and solidifies its position in the field of cyber protection.”

Interested individuals can participate in the program in various ways. Cybersecurity professionals can contribute as mentors, guiding and supporting trainees throughout their journey. Those with expertise in cybersecurity can join as lecturers and contribute to course materials, sharing their insights and experiences. Additionally, the program welcomes partners to sponsor the compulsory reading materials for students who require financial support. For more details visit 


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