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Saturday, July 08, 2023

The Rundown Slam: WWE Money in the Bank 2023

07/08/2023 07:37:14 PM

Photo from WWE. Obtained thru Variety

This year saw World Wrestling Entertainment staging up more premium live events outside the Unites States. Of course, London became one of the premier destinations when WWE recently hold their de facto fifth biggest show of the year, Money In The Bank.

And this year's MITB isn't just a showcase of opportunity for WWE superstars. It also banner a civil war tag team among members of the Bloodline as the night's main event. But let's get into that later.

Meanwhile, an explosive start took place in the men's Money in the Bank ladder match; and have to say that a Damien Preist victory is something I less likely see coming, considering how LA Knight (YEAH!) has been massive hot with the London crowd. These two will definitely be main event players soon, considering how the Judgment Day slowly takes its spot at the upper scale of the card soon; plus how charismatic Knight has been since the revamp of his character.

Also, another Ricochet-Logan Paul tussle? It never gets old, huh? Not gonna be surprised if they'll finally get their mano-a-mano come SummerSlam.

Meanwhile, MITB 2023 also features a bunch of surprise acts that made the event more bigger than its namesake. And why not? It was their first premium live event in London after two decades, so there goes our answers on why the crowd was so lit, even to the night's a bit low points.

Let;s take for example a tag team match for the women's tag team championship. Who would've thought Shayna Blazer turned her back on Ronda Rousey? It definitely needed to happen, but I definitely did not see that coming. Maybe setting up for one blockbuster feud soon, especially that it is already rumored that The Baddest Woman Of The Planet is set to retire from wrestling soon. 

Also, add the sudden return of Drew McIntyre with a brash, in-your-face message to the Intercontinental Champion Gunther – a fitting culmination to an average title match with Matt Riddle. Then, how about John Cena's surprise cameo and a sudden brief clash with Greyson Waller. Sums up how Hunter's vision for WWE's future plans for WrestleMania moving forward – going beyond the borders of United States.

Perhaps, even the Dominic Mysterio-Cory Rhodes clash appeared to be a textbook matchup but it was well done, with the American Nightmare counter-sneaking his way to victory against Dirty Dom's sneaky antics. But that wasn't only a problem that haunted the Judgment Day faction. Finn Balor's challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship against current title-holder Seth Rollins wasn't successful either because of the unprecedented distraction made by this year's Mr. Money in the Bank. It seems to me that a dissension is in the works for the 4-person faction. But at least they could do something to aid about it rather than facing an implosion unlike the Bloodline.

Oh yeah, the four members involved in this faction were – as always – the main event in the present landscape of the WWE. Look, it can't be denied that Roman Reigns has elevated the stock of not just only himself and Paul Heyman, but also his cousins The Usos and Solo Sikoa plus their excommunicated member Sami Zayn and even Zayn's tag team partner Kevin Owens. And with the implosion of the Bloodline being in full yet gradual execution, it is quite interesting to see how this wrestling cinema unfolded in a Civil War tag team match, which saw Reigns getting pinned for the first time since 15 December 2019.

I honestly felt that Reigns defeat was bigger than his potential championship loss to whoever the next contender for the Undisputed Universal Championship whenever and wherever it may take place. I mean it definitely put some more weight. Now, it's tnteresting to see what's next The Usos' huge win and how would this victory affect Reigns' eventual losing the throne and faction. We still have a latter half of the month to notice the unfolding drama surrounding these Samoan top guys under HHH's creative regime.

Let's not forget, though, Iyo Sky shined the most in the entire event as the women's MITB ladder match. Love the way how the other storylines in the women's division fleshed out, all while having the Genius of the Sky eventually claiming her spot by withstanding her Damage CTRL partner Bayley's double-crossing antics and ascend to get her championship opportunity.

All in all, the 14th Money in the Bank event proved further how London has been a hotbed audience for WWE. Solid outing from start to finish, with a much satisfying ending. And with Hunter's takeover (at least, creatively) turning into one whole year, I'm glad that the Stamford-based promotion has improved further comparing to what it was at this time frame in 2022.

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