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Tuesday, August 15, 2023



Tripolism, Nando, and Radeckt each bring their own unique musical journey to the table, ensuring an unparalleled sonic experience.  Nando is an artist who embodies independence, originality, and music drenched in melody and emotion. His journey began with hard work and persistence, breaking free from his Copenhagen home to establish himself as an acclaimed producer and DJ. His EPs and features in renowned compilation series like Secret Weapons and Unity have solidified his name as a favorite among followers of melodic dance music. As a DJ, Nando's sound has transcended borders, with international tours taking him to Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Goa, London, and beyond. Each new place inspires him to create music that resonates deeply with his audience.

Radeckt, on the other hand, combines edgy synths and vibrant percussion with a vision to create a varied sound universe in each of his productions. From his Copenhagen studio, he channels the desire to fuse metallic sounds with warm and intriguing drum rhythms, resulting in an original and momentum-filled sound. Radeckt's unique approach to every track has earned him releases on esteemed labels like Renaissance, TAU, Microcastle, and many more. His productions have garnered support from industry giants such as Dixon, Âme, Mind Against, and Keinemusik. When Radeckt takes the stage as a DJ, his passion for connecting with the crowd truly shines. His sets are filled with energy, surprises, and infectious grooves that keep clubs around the world captivated.
Together, Tripolism, Nando, and Radeckt form a powerhouse of talent and creativity. "Dope Dance" is a testament to the power of creativity and the magic that happens when three talented artists come together. Born from a spontaneous jam session in their shared studio space, this track perfectly captures the essence of Tripolism's distinct routines and perspectives on electronic music. Each member contributed equally, resulting in a masterpiece that was completed within a few late hours. It's a testament to the untamable nature of creativity.
With their distinct styles and shared passion for pushing boundaries, this collective is set to deliver an unparalleled sonic voyage that will captivate your senses and leave you craving more. Discipline and dedication may be controlled, but their creativity knows no bounds. With their unique blend of melodic techno and subtle Nordic noir influences, Tripolism will transport you to new heights of musical ecstasy.


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