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Friday, August 18, 2023

The Rundown Slam: WWE SummerSlam 2023

08/18/2023 03:10:15 PM

Banner photo from; obtained via Bleacher Report.

It's been close to three weeks since the Biggest Party of the Summer took place at the Motor City, and some of my friends would actually say this year's SummerSlam was even bigger than its WrestleMania counterpart.

But did it, really?

I beg to a bit of disagree. Although it was a bit higher as this year's Show of Shows in terms of quality, the duration was twice longer compared to SummerSlam. Make no mistake about it, though, almost every match in the card (just don't count the MMA Rules match here, LOL!) was well-executed. Yes, even the Slim Jim battle royal did better than the Ronda Rousey-Shayna Blazher duel. Not to mention, LA Knight (YEAH!) deserves that spotlight win.

The silliest thing is that from the opening contest to the main event – even if it has its own share of small blunders – it was damn consistent. I mean, Ricochet and Logan Paul was too good for a first rounder. 

Not gonna lie, though, I didn't expect the match between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhosed to take place after. But it's even more surprising that the Beast Incarnate did the unthinkable – and I mean by a totally unscripted move of extending the handshake to the victor of this match, the American Nightmare. That was a damn good storytelling.

Meanwhile, a Bianca Belair win despite that injury-angle didn't really pan out well. Maybe it was a good thing that an Io Sky cash-in helped turned up the tide for the women's division. At least,. That saved TJ Wilson's job as a producer for creating stellar women's matches as of late. 

As much as I wanted Drew McIntyre to win, it's a need (and shame, if that's how you see it) that Gunther is groomed to be the record-shattering longest Intercontinental Champion of all-time soon. I can only hope that Drew would still be in the picture to dethrone him soon since his comeback flame has been fanned out by a bit despite a stellar showing.

I kinda loved how the World Heavyweight Championship match has somewhat overshadowed the Trail Combat. Seth still managed to get away with a victory despite the odds stacked against him when he face Finn Balor with a bunch of cohorts – the Judgment Day faction – serving as a distraction. Sure, the reuslts of seven years have turned out to be reverse, but with the drama unfolding at the time makes me think that Finn Balor is just the weakest link despite being the group's leader.

Well, speaking of Tribal, The Bloodline dramarama continues to flesh out. Did Main Even Jey Uso lived up to its expectations? Probably, but not totally. My friend from Kayfabe Cafe would even dare to say “Preshow Jey Uso” for whatever opinion and reason that he has. If you ask me, though, a Jey win would probably put the three-year saga to an abrupt halt. Maybe it was a good call from WWE if they want to keep these Samoans going. However, let's face it: even if Roman would eventually retain, his reign has been getting more boring. Maybe continuing the story sans the title would eventually take place soon, but I'd rather let Hunter do his job and see if he can still awe some of us since it's been a year since he took over the reins of creative control and so far, it's like a 60-40 in a positive favor. 

To know more about what I have thought of this year's SummerSlam, you can check out the recent two episodes of my podcast These Drunken Midnights. 

The Verdict: 7.9/10
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