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Monday, October 30, 2023



When the Norwegian-Filipino artist Hillari Alison Conlu decided to fully pursue her music career at the end of 2021, it didn't take long for her to make a mark in the industry. Now, just a year and a half later, she has already performed dozens of concerts in both Norway and Canada, contributed to the soundtrack of the NRK series FLUS, and received praise from the star producer Timbaland.

She won the prestigious NRK P3 award "Årets Urørt" (Rookie of the Year) with her song "Hopeful," earning her a spot at this year's P3 Gull.

"I feel a thousand times lighter after winning Årets Urørt. It's always nice to get some recognition for the hard work you've put in." says HILLARI.

Now, to further enchant the global music scene, Hillari is excited to announce a thrilling collaboration with the up-and-coming artist from the Philippines, Jolianne. Together, they are set to release a new version of the beloved track "Loyal." This collaboration promises to be a harmonious blend of two emerging talents from different parts of the world, combining their unique styles and influences into a powerful musical journey.

Jolianne, hailing from the Philippines, brings her own remarkable artistry to the table, and her partnership with Hillari Conlu signifies the fusion of two distinct musical backgrounds, creating an electrifying soundscape for fans to savor.

Hillari's journey from an aspiring artist to a celebrated sensation has been nothing short of remarkable, and her collaboration with Jolianne in reimagining "Loyal" is set to be the next chapter in her burgeoning career. Music enthusiasts and fans can expect a harmonious and evocative experience when the new version of "Loyal" is unveiled.

This summer, she released her critically acclaimed debut EP, "How Is Your Soul," which included the fan-favorite track "Loyal." Now, she's teaming up with Jolianne for a new version of the song, further strengthening her connections with her Filipino audience. This has solidified the Philippines as her top streaming country worldwide and her top 10 streaming cities in the 🇵🇭 Philippines include Quezon City, Davao City, Manila, Cebu City, Caloocan City, and Tarlac City.


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