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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Newsletter: "My Love Mine All Mine" From Mitski’s New Album The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We Achieving Impressive Milestones In Southeast Asia And Across The Globe


(The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We Cover Artwork)

Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, Mitski is captivating audiences across the globe with her latest single, "My Love Mine All Mine" taken from her 7th album, The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We, released via Dead Oceans. The single's captivating melodies and evocative lyrics have resonated deeply with audiences worldwide including in Southeast Asia - its streaming volume has quintupled since release day, amassing an impressive 61 million streams to-date. 

Boasting an impressive 145 Spotify Chart entries, “My Love Mine All Mine” has soared to the top of the Viral 50 Chart in Singapore and Malaysia, while claiming Top 3 positions in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Its presence on the Spotify Daily Charts as well as Weekly Charts is equally remarkable, ranking in the Top 15 in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, the United States, and the Global charts.

The success of “My Love Mine All Mine” extends to TikTok, claiming the #1 spot on the platform’s Viral 50 chart with 650,000 TikTok videos created using the official sound and an astonishing 1.2 billion views. On Apple Music it has achieved Alternative Chart entries in 82 countries, reaching #1 in Vietnam, #2 in Singapore, #3 in Malaysia as well as the US, and #5 in the Philippines. The single made its mark on the streaming service’s All Genre Charts as well, with both the Philippines and Singapore edging into the Top 30 positions. Additionally on the Shazam charts it ranks in the Top 20 in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

“My Love Mine All Mine” is an instant classic, hailed by Exclaim! as “both heartbreaking and hopeful, the kind of careful balance that Mitski has fine tuned in the decade since her debut.”  It’s the beating heart of the album, wherein the singer imagines their love shining down on the earth from the moon, long after the speaker is gone:  “Moon, a hole of light/Through the big top tent up high/Here before and after me/Shining down on me/Moon, tell me if I could/Send up my heart to you/So when I die, which I must do/Could it shine down here with you.” 

Mitski’s most sonically expansive, epic, and wise album to-date, The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We was produced with Patrick Hyland and recorded at both the Bomb Shelter in East Nashville and Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, incorporating an orchestra arranged and conducted by Drew Erickson as well as a full choir of 17 people — 12 in Los Angeles and 5 in Nashville — arranged by Mitski. For the first time it felt important to Mitski to have a band recording live together in the studio to create this new sublime sound. 

Mitski wrote these songs in little bursts over the past few years, and they feel informed by moments of noticing – noticing a sound that’s out of place, a building that groans in decay, an opinion that splits a room, a feeling that can’t be contained in a body. The album is full of the ache of the grown-up, seemingly mundane heartbreaks and joys that are often unsung but feel enormous. From the bottom of a glass, to a driveway slushy with memory and snow, to a freight train barreling through the Midwest, and all the way to the moon, it feels like everything, and everyone, is crying out, screaming in pain, arching towards love.

Praise for Mitski & The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We

"Mitski has a gift for singing serenely about troubled thoughts and finding large implications in small images." — New York Times

“[Mitski’s] most beautiful record yet.” — NYLON

“It’s [Mitski’s] most cohesive work to date, with a mood akin to ice melting in a whiskey glass: crisp, bitterly refreshing.” — Stereogum

“From album to album, Mitski’s music moves through styles like seasons.” — New York Magazine

“A richly ambitious writer and arranger who can buttress longing with strange and lovely art-rock.” — Los Angeles Times

“The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We is another evolution: a mix of quotidian-yet-elliptical lyricism, classic country accompaniment, daring orchestral movements, and the musician’s unique brand of storytelling.” — Rolling Stone

"No one writes dejection quite like Mitski, for whom resignation can be the subject of sparkling disco-pop, a genius anthemic chorus, or an intimate confession." — Pitchfork

“Few artists know how to masterfully unearth humanity’s most disappointing and frustrating characteristics, and fewer do so lovingly.” — Associated Press

“What really makes this album one of the year’s most exciting is the reaffirmation of Mitski’s commitment to making music only she can make. This Land, so to speak, was not made for you and me. It was made for Mitski and Mitski alone, and that is a wonderful thing.” — Uproxx

"The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We finds Mitski at her most peaceful, hopeful, and, yes, loving." — Consequence

“There are an awful lot of singer-songwriters around exploring the kind of subjects Mitski touches on here . . . But it is questionable whether anyone else is doing it with this much skill, this lightness of touch or indeed, straightforward melodic power: in the best possible sense, Mitski feels out on her own.” — The Guardian, ★★★★★

“[The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We] is truly extraordinary – it is a once-in-a-career masterpiece.” — The Skinny, ★★★★★

“On her stirring and orchestral seventh album, Mitski blazes a glorious new trail and sounds freer than ever” — Paste, Album of the Week, 8.9/10

“Mitski has not only created her most cohesive, accessible, musically diverse album yet, but also an arresting work of substantial beauty.” — Under The Radar, 9/10

“One of our generation’s great shapeshifting songwriters” — NME, ★★★★


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