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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Newsletter: Get #BetterThanGreat this M5 World Championship with the Yu Zhong event-exclusive skin!


With less than a month away from the M5 World Championship, MOONTON Games has unveiled a series of in-game M5-themed activities and more in the Group Draw live stream ahead of the first-ever Wild Card stage in Malaysia! Taking place at Jio Space, entry is free for all fans to catch eight international teams competing for the final two spots in the M5 World Championship Group Stage in Manila. 
This M Series introduced the Wild Card stage to foster diversity and sportsmanship amongst international Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports teams to offer them avenues to pursue greatness and professional growth. The global championship celebrates meaningful connections between international players. It will provide a leveled-up platform for new regions - China, South Asia, and Mongolia to carve new legacies. 

Introduced at the Group Draw online Livestream today, the M5 taglines #BetterThanGreat and #ZeroToHero will mark a new chapter in the M series storyline to transcend competitiveness greatness and propel new entrants and old heroes that have proven their worth, to raise the boundaries of esports to a higher level of sportsmanship.  

To commemorate the M Series progression, players can purchase the M5 Pass to acquire the exclusive M5-themed Yu Zhong skin. Decked in regal red and gold, Yu Zhong takes on a majestic look for the M5 World Championship to conquer all enemies! And that's not all; players who reach Lvl. 75 upon purchasing the M5 Pass, you can get the Yu Zhong Prime Skin "Cosmic Dragon," emulating the M series gold motif to herald a new chapter of esports greatness! 

Players can participate in the M5 Pass daily tasks and challenges during the M5 World Championship timeframe to obtain Battle Pass experience. The higher the level, the more rewards to be acquired. The M5 Pass rewards include (but are not limited to): 

M5 Yu Zhong Prime Skin 
M5 Battle Effects 
M5 Avatar Border 
M5 Trail Effect 
M5 Graffiti
M5 Exclusive Emotes 
Yu Zhong Sacred Statue 
M5 Battle Effect 

The players that have attained the maximum M5 Pass level (Lvl. 150) can obtain the M5 exclusive Yu Zhong figurine! Grab the chance to level your pass up to score the event-only figurine available during the M5 Pass timeframe! 

Starting from 20 November till 31 December, users can choose from the standard M5 Pass, available at 399 Diamonds, or the M5 Pass Plus, which unlocks more bonus pass rewards, such as claiming the M5 Yu Zhong "Dragon Shade" Epic skin immediately, bonus Pass experience, M5 Exclusive Trail Effect, additional M5 Coins, and more, at 699 diamonds. 

Rediscover epic moments with M3 themed rewards

The M5 World Championship will also see the return of M3 exclusive rewards in the M5 Pass Event Shop. To purchase the items, users can utilize their diamonds or acquire M5 Coins that can be obtained from the M5 Pass rewards by leveling them up. Get the M3 Roger "Field Haunter" Prime Skin and "Phantom Ranger" Epic Skin during the exclusive event, which runs till 31 December. 

Gather your squad for the M5 Party Week

Starting from 18 December to 31 December, Party Week will run for another week this time round. Players are encouraged to complete the tasks during Party Week to obtain massive M5 Pass experience and Battle Night Chest Points to increase their Battle Night Chest (Lvl. 1 - 5). During Party Week, players can draw a Battle Bonus daily to receive double Experience and Battle Points, Double Star-raising points, Protection Points, and Star Protection in a party or team. Players residing in the nation or country of the M5 World Champion are entitled to receive the M5 Champion Rewards, which can be retrieved through the Battle Night page. 

Battle from dusk till dawn! 

The popular Battle Night campaign is back and will run from 30 - 31 December for two days, instead of one! Complete the required tasks to unlock the Battle Night Skin Chest of the corresponding level, which includes Epic, Prime, and other permanent skins. Players will also receive the following benefits: Star Protection for 3 Ranked matches.
Double Star-Raising Points for 5 matches.
Double Protection Points for 5 matches.
Double Exp for 5 matches.
Double BP for 5 matches.
Free trial of 10 Epic skins.
Free access to all heroes.

Support your favourite M5 Team!

Along with the M5 World Championship in Manila, the Wild Cards Support event has been added from 20 November to 26 December. To participate, simply select the team that you'd like to support on the in-game page and vote for them. 

The qualified teams that have made it to the M5 Wild Card will also see their votes getting carried forward to the main Support event. Players can support their favorite teams for free once a day and garner more votes by spending diamonds. The most popular M5 World Championship team with the highest Support points will be awarded "The Most Popular Team" during the M5 Grand Finals on 17 December. 

Pre-order your M5 Support Chest for additional EXP!

Players can start preordering support chests from 20 November to 23 November from the Event Hall or M5 Pass page to acquire more M5 Pass experience. The Support Chests can be purchased in bulk, with more rewards to be announced later. 

Other in-game event highlights include: 
  • M5 Pass Gifting Feature: Looking for the perfect in-game gift for your partner, loved one, or friend? You can now purchase the M5 Pass to gift it to your fellow friend or player! The recipient must be part of your friend list who doesn't own the M5 Pass, and each player can only gift once. 
  • Tournament Glory: Check out past and present M Series tournament information in the Tournament Resources tab, which displays the Champion teams, MVPs, and previous skins. Should the fan level of the M5 Team reach Lvl. 1, the team badge can be displayed on the Tournament Glory page. 
  • Claim the Champion Easter Egg: Pre-register for the Champion Day event on 14 December to acquire the event awards! Post-grand finals, an event banner will pop up to kickstart the M5 Party Week. Players who send an "M5" in-game will receive the exclusive "Champion's Seal" to redeem the exclusive "M5 Final Avatar Border" during the Party Week Bonus Event. 
  • M5 Ranked Boost: Participate in Ranked Mode and activate the "Banner of Morale" (M5 Exclusive Item) to attain M5 Pass experience at the end of each match. The item can also be acquired through diamonds for a limited time each week. 
  • M5 Watch PCU Bundle: Players can obtain rewards should the peak-concurrent viewership (PCU) of the M5 World Championship hit a certain milestone (as indicated in the M5 World Championship livestream). Keep your eyes and fingers peeled for the viewership count, and head to the Events Hall to receive a "Carnival Bundle!" 
  • Vote for the next M6 Skin: Up to 30 heroes will be selected as the candidates for the upcoming M Series skin! The top four characters with the highest votes will proceed to the next round of voting the week after. The hero with the highest votes in the third and last week of voting will be the chosen M6 hero. The timeframe of this event will be announced at a later date, and the final interpretation will be reserved by MOONTON Games. 

The Group Draw Results Are Locked and Loaded

The Group Draw results are out! Catch eight teams in the Wild Card race to secure the final two slots of the M5 World Championship. Drawn into two groups - A & B, the former appears to be a huge tussle between experienced teams, with the latter looking to prove themselves in the epic showdown at Malaysia. 

It gets little bit more heated in the M5 Group Stage Draw! ONIC ID will be facing off Cambodian giants See You Soon, Saudi Arabian-based team Triple Esports and Bigetron Brazil in Group A. Group B is definitely one to watch, with Blacklist International going against Fire Flux Esports once more and RRQ BR. It's an M2 World Championship deja vu all over again, with old rivals AP Bren and Burmese Ghouls set to face the Group C stage with Team Flash of Singapore. Group D also sees the fiery GeekFam ID, TheOhioBrothers from North America, HomeBois of Malaysia, and Deus Vult of EECA take the stage. The final two Wild Card teams will be seeded into Group B and Group C upon conclusion.

Looking to watch all the action? Get your tickets to watch the M5 Wild Card at Jio Space in Malaysia here. As for the M5 World Championship in Manila, Regular Sales have commenced today, with tickets starting from ₱150.00. Purchase yours now at SLASH.

For information on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, please refer to the following links below or download the game at the App Store and Play Store


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