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Wednesday, December 06, 2023



Alextbh has released his debut album 'It's All Good' via EMPIRE, an album showcasing his newly refined sound steeped in confident, blissful nostalgia. His powerful messaging has taken on fearless new depths, tackling subjects around identity, discrimination, and self-love. Fans can stream 'It's All Good' here and watch the music video for the focus track "Never Enough" here

During lockdown, Alex found himself discovering new artists on Boiler Room and COLORS, inspiring him to experiment with his production. The album is a soundtrack to falling in love with life, friends, or someone new – songs to scream at impromptu dance parties, and songs to to help you get through difficult moments. "10 tracks written over the course of the pandemic" is how Alex describes 'It's All Good'. "The whole album became a relentless pursuit of sanity in a world that couldn't offer it to me. It's euphoria and torment - both packaged into a not-so-neat, ADHD-led series of stories."

On lead single "Never Enough", Alex explains, "It all started when I was trying to pay for my groceries, but the card was declined due to insufficient balance. I realised I had no money for it and ended up going home feeling major depressed, not wanting to speak to anybody. Thankfully, I'm no longer in that financial situation. But I'm still just as sad, and just as angry at capitalism."

"The idea for the music video came about when I had the idea to write about a character that's living in this video game world where he is a slave to capitalism but wants to be rid of it. I'm also definitely inspired by the movie Everything, Everywhere, All At Once because this movie portrays the absurdity of life in ways I could relate to but just never knew how to express.  Most of the assets from this music video is from LimeZu, so a major shout out to them for being awesome people! Theme aside, this was actually a fun project for me. It marries my love for music, games and 3D design."


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