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Friday, February 16, 2024

Newsletter: Spence Lee Drops Electrifying New Single and Cinematic Music Video - "Foundation"


Spence Lee, the rising Hip-hop star from New Jersey, is set to make waves with the release of his latest single and music video, "Foundation." Following the success of his recent tracks, "Spend My Days" and "White Tee," the artist delves into new territory with "Foundation," where he metaphorically asserts his dominance and showcases his musical genius.

The song's inspiration stems from Spence Lee's personal values, as reflected in lyrics like "God and my family is my foundation, I don’t make any moves out of desperation." This thematic core not only influenced the title but also forms the bedrock of the artist's creative expression. In a musical landscape often saturated with superficiality, Spence Lee aims to lay down the foundation of authenticity and substance.

"Foundation" is a unique blend of impactful and meaningful lyrics coupled with a boastful flair. The vibe of the song is designed to uplift and energize listeners, making it the perfect workout anthem or club hit. Spence Lee's ability to seamlessly blend powerful messages with a catchy beat showcases his versatility as an artist.

The melodic and dark beats of "Foundation" were crafted by a powerhouse trio – Lifted of the Eardrummers, MaxFlames, and Lucian. The result is a classic southern slow trap beat with an Asian flare. The rolling bass, melodic undertones, and mysterious ambiance create a sonic experience that perfectly complements Spence Lee's lyrical prowess.

The accompanying music video, shot in Saigon, Vietnam, and directed by Jason Ano, is a visual spectacle. The breathtaking scenery of Saigon serves as a backdrop to high-energy scenes featuring motorcycles, boats, fire breathers, and traditional Vietnamese choreography in the heart of the city. Spence Lee is seamlessly integrated into the vibrant culture of Saigon, surrounded by locals embracing their heritage.

The music video goes beyond the ordinary, featuring stunning artistic imagery of Spence amidst ocean rocks and traditional Vietnamese dance sequences. The striking visuals serve as a testament to Spence Lee's commitment to showcasing the spirit of Vietnam and his own cultural identity.

The single's artwork is a heartfelt tribute to Spence's grandmothers, both of whom recently passed away. The imagery features Spence in an Asian jungle, with his grandmother depicted as an angel protecting him. This visual element adds a personal touch to the release, reinforcing the emotional connection between the artist and his art.

"Foundation" is not just a song; it's a statement. Spence Lee is carving his niche in the music industry, combining meaningful narratives with visually striking content. As he steps into the spotlight with "Foundation," Spence Lee invites listeners to join him on a journey of self-discovery, cultural celebration, and musical innovation.

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