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Sunday, June 30, 2024

Newsletter: Abby Clutario drops emotional single “Naglalambing”


GMA Music’s multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Abby Clutario releases her second single, “Naglalambing,” following the success of her previous track, “Laho.” Both tracks are from her album “Lambing.” 

This new song offers a mature and reflective perspective on past relationships, providing listeners with a deep and emotional experience. In contrast to the upbeat and crush-infused vibes of “Laho,” “Naglalambing” delves into the complexities of past love and loss. Abby describes the song as a contemplative exploration of exes and the lingering “what ifs” that come with reminiscing about past relationships.

 “This song is a bit of a contrast to ‘Laho.’ While ‘Laho’ was about those sweet, chummy feelings we get around our crushes, ‘Naglalambing’ dives into more mature territory. It’s about exes and the ‘what ifs’ that come with looking back at past relationships,” Abby shares.

Abby’s reflection on “Naglalambing” is about closure and reflection. “It’s about looking back at past relationships and wondering about the roads not taken. What if I could talk to my ex again? It’s about reflecting on past experiences, finding closure, and moving forward. The song is very stripped down. It captures that sentimental part of us Filipinos. Our generation loves to hear music that reminds them of their youth, and I wanted to tap into that,” adds Abby. 

The single is now available on all major streaming platforms. Its official performance video release on GMA Music’s YouTube channel and AltG Records Facebook page is on June 28. Abby will also be performing the song at the Progressive Rock Stage 11 at 12 Monkeys with Joey G on June 28.

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