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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Newsletter: Kaspersky urges increased cyber vigilance as rainy season pushes more Filipinos to transact online


Kaspersky, global cybersecurity and digital privacy company, has called for heightened cyber vigilance in the Philippines. The onset of the rainy season is expected to drive more Filipinos to conduct transactions online, making them more vulnerable to cyber threats. 

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) has recently declared the start of 2024 rainy season. This leads to an increase in indoor activities, including online transactions and digital interactions. 

"As more Filipinos turn to online platforms for transactions during the rainy season, the risk of cyber threats increases significantly. It is crucial for individuals and businesses to remain vigilant and adopt robust cybersecurity measures to protect their personal and financial information from potential attacks,” Yeo Siang Tiong, General Manager for Southeast Asia at Kaspersky said. 

Some of the most common online transactions include paying bills, making online purchases, and conducting banking activities. With the convenience of digital platforms, people can easily settle their utility bills, credit card payments, and other financial obligations without leaving their homes. 

Additionally, online shopping has become increasingly popular in the Philippines, with consumers purchasing everything from groceries to electronics via e-commerce websites and mobile apps. These activities, while convenient, also expose users to potential cyber threats such as phishing scams, fraudulent websites, and malware attacks.

To protect one’s finances from cyber-attacks, Kaspersky advises the public to adopt several crucial cybersecurity measures. First, it is essential to use strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts and to change them regularly. Utilizing a password manager can help you keep track of these passwords securely. 

Moreover, installing reliable anti-virus software on all your devices is a critical step in defending against malware and other cyber threats. Kaspersky also recommends practicing safe browsing habits, such as avoiding clicking on suspicious links or downloading attachments from unknown sources. Keeping your software and operating systems up-to-date is equally important, as updates often include patches for security vulnerabilities.

Just recently, Kaspersky Next was launched in the Philippines. This is the cybersecurity firm’s next-generation product line built to protect individuals and organizations against the onslaught of emerging cyberthreats.

Kaspersky Next provides comprehensive protection against advanced threats, ensuring that organizations can detect, respond to, and neutralize cyber-attacks swiftly and effectively.


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