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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just my opinion: after the event

Just my opinion: after the event
By n.d. a.k.a. nestor
02:28 / 02:28 a.m.
Say, the Philippines had just celebrated another victory in sports when Manny Pacquiao won over unanimous decision over the Ghanaian opponent in Joshua Clottey. Thus it seems failing for the part of the challenger to steal one of the seven belts of Pacman. However, for at least I am agreeing with Mr. Dennis Principe’s insight about the fight through his status in his Facebook account, that at least the Clottey guy’s must be lucky to survive Pacquiao for not being another victim of knockdown wins of the pound-for-pound king. But if things pretty seems that way, it only means that Clottey is such a strong fighter with his strong body under its good and (yes, I’ll say it again) undergone strong conditioning before fight comes along. The decision win snaps the knockout streak of Pacquiao in three boxing matches over the 16 month stretch. On the other side, you might think like “parang binayaran lang yung laban na y an eh”… like my sister does said after the fight. However, it’s up to you and let’s just go on make respect to one’s opinion though. Man, if that Ghanaian fighter is really… you know, really strong I’ll say he got a long way to go. At least he’s not the type of like-Pretty Boy whom faces inferior opponents in exchange of better winning records and backing out when he faces some bullish-type opponents like the Filipino does have (so far).
One thing that perhaps seen the most is that the champion was always going aggressive at the offensive end throwing punches to the challenger. But once Clottey attacks however, stuns t Pacquaio as he fails to cover up on defense as fast as he could. But Pacquiao threw a lot of punches and hits proved to be costly for Clottey’s part the most. 11 of 12 rounds’ scorecards were awarded to Pacman, which means the champ really was scoring the most than his enemy.
But should Clottey wants a rematch? Oh, I think Pacman should be more careful this time.

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