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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just My Opinion: Now or Never for LeBron, Cavaliers

03/16/2010 | 02:41 a.m.

The Cleveland Cavaliers for the second straight season got no excuses for winning the championship if it fails to do it so again.

Superstar LeBron James had a cast of reliable anew in Shaquille O’Neal (whom they got last Summer) and Antawn Jamison (before the February Trade deadline).

That's aside from having Maurice Williams from last season’s sign up, and Delonte West (the only player remained in the roster that came from a massive 11 player deal in 2008).

Ben Wallace had gone after the disappointing finish in 2009, perhaps due to his failed assignment to defend either Dwight Howard or Marcin Gortat in the East Finals last late-May and to his injuries as well.

Maybe they could rely now in in Daniel Gibson, their role player whom had been playing at the superb level in 2007 playoffs during his rookie season. Well, it lasts ‘til the guy was slowed down by injuries the following season. Another is the always the recipient of James’ passes – Anderson Varejao.

This guy nowadays has been hitting double-double in statistics. However, his hustle plays count the most, though it doesn’t always get listed at that paper.

Defense had their key since Mike Brown had arrived to the Wine City squad, but that proved to be the big question mark at times when they fail to win their playoff series. Perhaps it’s because they’re facing a defensive (err…) or a good team whom playing defense really well like the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics, and (dare I say) Orlando Magic.

One thing that this team is sorely lacking of is the field goal shooting of their power forward position.

Center Shaquille O’Neal may be older right now but at least if he returns from the thumb injury, he will be a force to reckon once again. He knows how to be in the situations of playoffs the most. But the one thing that exception for this however, was shooting free throws in clutch once the opponent resorts to Hack-A-Shaq strategy.

Jamison can really fill in the gap of a “four” guy, something that at least a solution to a problem that's really lacking in the Cavaliers.

Donyell Marshall has the capability to shoot from outside, but he lacks more of inside game to balance it up. Varejao may provide the hustle and defense part, he still lacks the much offensive fluid from mid range beyond so which means is still unbalanced enough.

Drew Gooden almost had it all (well I believe he really had it) until he went aboard to Chicago in exchange for Big Ben.

Antawn is a 20-10 guy who can be another recipient of possible Lebron James’ assists should the latter do the playmaking role again. JJ Hickson is coming close to that level of Varejao’s. Jawad Williams is doing a great job of filling the spot if James is on the bench. He can be a knock down shooter and can crash boards on defense and can take it to the rim as well.

Well, it’s really now or never time for the Cavs. ‘Coz if they fail again, they might lose LeBron come July 1, 2010… and even the entire winning tradition of their team that undergone a big transformation when the king arrived there.

(c) 2010 september twenty-eight productions

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