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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just my opinion: New York’s attempt to land 3 all stars?

Just my opinion: New York’s attempt to land 3 all stars?
By n.d. a.k.a. nestor
22:22 / 10:22 p.m.
This summer, expect a lot of star players to be as free agents. As what I saw on their list, 3 of them are Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James, Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade, and Toronto Raptors’ Chris Bosh, whom were all part of 3 of the top 5 draft picks of the star-studded NBA 2003 draft.
From last season, around a lot of teams were expressing their wishes to lure LeBron on their team should he failed anew to win the title (his first try in 2007 finals was a big failure when they were swept out by Spurs.) there’s Detroit Pistons whom even got an expensive playa in Allen Iverson, New Jersey Nets which owned by James’ friend by the rapper Jay-Z. But the team whom had been dying to do everything was the New York Knicks. James had been asked and answered a lot of times throughout this controversy. However you can’t just rely on his answers for which were I don’t really know if he did answer the question “Will you be staying in Cleveland or go to another team” right.
Dwayne Wade on the other hand might think of leaving Miami some other time. Well, that’s if he really wants to team up with his best friend in James. Well, the Heat had been doing well so far after its disappointing season 2 years ago by which the team even failed to reach 20 wins then. And Pat Riley will do everything to make their franchise player stay, aside from landing a mixture of young guns and veteran role players in the roster. Rumors had been spreading if Amare Stoudemire, another top free agent will land to Miami but it is out of the topic anyway. Should the Flash and the King leaves their respective teams, it seems NY has a fat chance of signing them up. After all, they had a much bigger amount of salary cap came July 1 and they may even give up their other players for them.
I personally don’t know if Chris Bosh still attempts to look for a better future but his team’s doing great. Save the franchise numbers for him, I know they will have another shot in the playoffs. Well, I’d rather give my friend Mr. Paul Robert Lachica a word for this.
Nah, it’s really hard to make predictions if any of the possible 2010 free agent class will stay on their respective clubs or look for a better one. But whatever happens, it will be always on the papers the next day around. For Donnie Walsh’s crew, good luck ‘coz even if you had a fat chance of winning big shots by landing any of these 3, there will be always a stiff competition following around especially in the league full of talent, glamour and money.

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