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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Realizations and ambitions (Learned a lot but I’m craving for more.)

Realizations and ambitions (Learned a lot but I’m craving for more.)
By n.d. a.k.a nestor
22:52 / 10:52 p.m.
Forgive me if you think I’m boasting out here though. Over the past three years, I think one of my expectations is something that I had already achieved. I had said to myself that this course will help me explore lots of talents to myself. And over that stretch, I had just realized that I have a lot of opportunities in this field, regardless if you’re landing to the media or not. It was during my first year when I was experimenting with some of my owned VCDs of old school NBA and some mp3s I downloaded during the summer before. And even if it’s just a windows movie maker program that I used, I never expected a good remark from my good old friend in Earl Payumo. However, I missed doing that though.
Next thing is I learned how to do sports writing. During one of my works in my early English classes I received a good note about me being a possible a good sports writer. Gosh, I never expect this either.
Though I don’t really know if some of my good college friends are just trying to boost my ego or just insulting by means of saying any compliments (laughs) but one of these peeps told me that I should try hitting AM instead since my voice suits there and continue writing about sports. Hmmm, at some point, they are right. Well, just in case I failed to hit a student DJ auditions’ again maybe I should learn from that point (though I will still pursuing to hit either Monster Radio RX 93.1’s Radio1 or Magic 89.9’s Junior Jocks, or at least somebody tells me what are the other radio stations that are doing the same program as theirs). I just hope that I don’t sound like the SOCO guy much once I went there, he he he!
It is already time for finals requirements here, and one of those is making a short film. At this point even for a minute or two, I’ll try to make it to the point that maybe I can be a good director, if not the best one yet. Well, same for writing I should explore other worlds of that business aside from sports and news. And even web design, something that I had been experimenting since I was at grade 5. Same with audio mixing, whew, and even photography though I never used any other camera than a digital camera though thanks to an alumnus-slash-friend of mine whom gave me some words of a critique… este, inspiration (laughs). Darn, parang ang dami kong alam ah, at sa malamang, may magsasabi nyan sa akin bago pa nya mabasa tong naka italicized lines na ‘to.
How I wish I could really say my plans for my future once I graduated from Mass Communication. However, I need a lot of drive to drive a bit of laziness away from me. Here are my tentative plans though. First when I graduated, I’ll look for work, obviously though I really want to landed out to a FM radio station in Manila but if didn’t happen it’s okay though I’ll make sure for a short while I’ll be there someday. Then I want to take any of these three courses: fine arts, sports science or information technology once I earned enough to send me off to school anew since I live with arts, media, sports and technology on my surroundings. And put up some business (though maybe I should learn business management first either) like a bar and a production house… sheesh! How I wish I could’ve done that like 15 or 40-ish years from now, or at least a longer time before I go. Say, Kamikazee’s “Ambisyoso” was a better theme for this entry, eh? (laughs)

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