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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

archive: just my opinion : 2009.11.28

first of all, this is my follow-up to my note posted yesterday named as "just my opinion" dated 27th of November 2009.

first... and foremost

what happened last monday was UNDENIABLY the worst violent act done involving three...(i repeat, THREE!) aspects: election, its political counterpart, and the broadcast and journalist media.

imagine 57 innocent civilians were killed in Maguindanao came noon of November 23, 2009. most of it are not really the supporters of a politician. they were actually the communicators itself—the mediamen. perhaps sick of hearing news throwing against them came this such bloodied incident, burying most of the victims down the ground, and even raping the women victims, and even beheading them?! how crap is that? a hundred gunmen threw these 57 lives away?!? isn't it a barbaric or inhumane acts of MAN?!. yeah, right the mastermind was arrested days after it happened, even the investigators were in the STUPID END of the news that they were still confused after all? i suggest to them that they shouldn't be stop working for just EVIDENCE. i know they were doing their job, but better do it even when no other communicators are around 'coz it's just a show-off thing if they were just making faces in front of the camera and doin' nothing afterward.

Datu Unsay mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr. was judged easily, perhaps 'coz he was the political rival of Buluan vice-mayor Esmael Mangudadatu. and later found out that INDEED, he was the man behind these, even if he was not physically present at that incident. perhaps, the people committed a mistake that he was judged earlier, but news and evidences, and not just hearsay, gossips proved it right.

he was brought to jail in manila for further investigation and possible hearings that may happen anytime soon as long as the 7 counts of murder cases will be filed against him coming Tuesday, December 1, 2009. and this brought the threat to the metro as if it may happen again here... (well, i hope it will not gonna happen!).

as far as i have been seeing clips, news stories from all the kinds of medium nowadays, and also to others' respective opinions. i think it is quite-a political tactic. i'm saying these because during election time came hotspots and the political killings since murder was their only way of eliminating their politicl rivals. we had a HISTORY from there and yet if these things were about to kept going from now, i'm not wondering why i could tell that POLITICS HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES SUCKS... DEFINITELY AND NO-EFFINS SUCKS!

mayor ampatuan, if proven guilty for that matter should be punished to death!

and so was his clan for banging the residents of davao city, disturbing their silence with their aura of being "siga" of the city. no doubt about it! being violent to your constituents will not definitely help you to in the game in the political arena 'coz in the first place, you're elected there at the seat, which means you're not only a leader and a model but also you are only a servant of the people! by all means! the power of the government still lies in the citizens (well, unless somebody changes it though) of the country. and if ampatuan will be punished, i just wish it should be the heaviest penalty that the victims could really afford for them to have justice awarded to their killed relatives or friends. he is such a barbarian, better fuck him away from the politics spotlight! he may not done anything in physical with his 57 victims but the fact that he was the mastermind... it was indeed his plan to eliminate his rival and have the others' vote for him as if he was feeling to be capable of running for it. too bad, this guy should be killed by means of death penalty.

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