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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2012 theory? That’s a fluke!

2012 theory? That’s a fluke!
Slick master
24.01.2011 – 11:12

I was personally disgusted by the way news had make its own analysis on what happened during the first few weeks of the year. Since flashfloods arouse around the Pacific area and also on American continent, many people would have wondered if either (1) it’s a sign of climate change; or (2) the coming of the end of the world? However, most people tends to think even more negative will had the second answer as their thought, especially of the fact that 2012 had shown a few months after a series of storms ravaged the Northern part of the Philippines in 2009.

Well, I used to remember reading that type of topic in one of my friend’s site in Multiply, relating to the Mayan Calendar stating that at December 20, 2012, there will be a huge disaster that can spell doom for the planet Earth. At first, I was scared, thinking that “man, is this for real??!” however, it also came to my mind that when it talks about judgment day, it is only God who knows when to do so and no other creature does.

So there is allegation of possibility that the disasters occurred during the last 18 months could be a sign of the end of the world or they called it as “2012 theory.”


‘Cause people hearing that kind of news could be either stunned at disbelief, or will go panicking. After all, media had plays the role of manipulating the minds of society. If people can think otherwise, maybe they will realize that there is a lesson on watching 2012 than just believing on what they saw. Another thing is that people will took it the other way (or from negative to positive) and making changes in helping themselves, the society and the environment as well.

I mean let’s just face it and think wisely. Whatever catastrophe’s occurred in the world right now is clearly not the sign of the end. It’s just the fact that the climate on the world we are living in to now, is changing. We can slow down the process of it if we want to. And that can be by means of taking care of our environment.

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