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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The post-Christmas Review – Fliptop’s Holiday release – Abra versus Zaito.

The post-Christmas Review – Fliptop’s Holiday release – Abra versus Zaito.

Slick master

24.01.2011 – 10:56

So once again, I had made a post here for at least the first time this year. Anyway, cheers to the post-holiday spirit that this video had brought every rap battle fan on their eyes watching this video for countless times as same as the times of Dello and Target’s early release. I am talking about South radical Production’s main man Zaito whom faced up against Lyrically Deranged Poets’ Raymond “Abra” Abracosa. During the event of Fliptop named “Down N’ South” held last September 25, 2010 at Las Piñas City. The video was released then by Christmas Day.

Just a brief recap: two months before the most-anticipated clash, Zaito just came off a great win over DC Clan Muzik’s Silencer while Abra also had his first ever win at the expense of Harlem Baliw on the event Bwelta Balentong at Quezon City. Records speaking, the former had a 1-1 while the latter had 1-2.

Okay, it seems that the sixth battle was the main event, huh?

First round, I’ll give it to Zaito. He had a great start that he sustained over the game, he really had a greater punch lines than Abra does, but at least LDP’s main fella didn’t come down with a best piece of his own.

However, second round turned to be Abra’s round. He did made up for an almost sluggish start. Well, Zaito, like what I said had sustained the huge impact of his lines he thrown during the battle (well in fact he started it with a rebuttal), but Abra had improved from where he started to the said round.

Third round was supposed to be won by Zaito on my personal opinion, ‘cause he’s still consistent on throwing those punch lines. But as always, people want the battle to go for overtime. Abra’s had threw a heavy one, but if you ask me, it’s to no avail anymore.

Okay, overtime. It already appeared that Zaito had won it not because he’s the last one who spoke but comparing the lines threw by both players at that time, both were hilarious (it actually had made my stomach ache for a while. LOL!) but weighing the lines and lyrics itself, Zaito really owns that. No doubt. But it doesn’t mean that Abra didn’t fight well. In fact this is the only battle I saw that he did not choke (or almost choke, but he quickly made up or it). Good job by both rappers.

Overall, this video is really worth watching so it’s 5 stars out of 5 for me.

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