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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just My Opinion: Mocks, Bashes, and Reactions - featuring Justin Bieber, Manny Pacquiao, and the Raging Netizens

12:03 p.m., 12/11/2012

I'm not surprised if some of the kids nowadays would disrespect people whom were known as "legends" at present time.

Take the case of Justin Bieber's bunch of memes for an example.

As shown on his Instagram account, 2 photos were exhibited. First, displaying the late King Of Pop Michael Jackson and then-knocked out Manny Pacquiao both leaning. And second, The Lion King's Simba was attached in that screenshot where the pound-for-pound was knocked down in his recent clash with his Mexican nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez and with the caption "Dad wake up."

And the photo draw the ire of reactions, especially for the Filipinos whom were badly hurt after seeing Pacman lost the fight that way.

And in fact, #RespectThePhilippinesBieber was one of the trending topics at the social networking site Twitter last night.

Now, my take.
It's easy to say to condemn what Bieber had done. And true enough, even yours truly did not found this funny at all.

Somebody might say "Okay, give the kid the benefit of the doubt that maybe he was just trying to lighten up the situation that the world (since not all of Pacquiao's fans are Filipinos alone)." But, he'd done that on a wrong timing basis. Indeed, not a very good timing.

Or somebody might react that "Filipinos are so insensitive! They should accept defeat, and with defeat comes an array of jokes." Well, this actually is nothing new on our culture. Some people used to react properly and some may not. And that's the hardest and saddest part.

I guess, those were another bunch of reasons why Justin Bieber was always bashed, aside from those controversies he had went through on his career. Not for the music he is making for the youngsters and the crap-contented "pop culture," but for the matters off the music charts.

Now after reading the thread of those controversial posts on his Instagram, I ended up with these statements.

Is he racist? No, I think he just hates Pacquiao. And he is just expressing his opinion in boxing, like any one of us who digs and still digging on Pacquiao-Marquez IV even if it's already 2 days after that shocking upset.

But too bad.

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