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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mother, Father, Gentleman!

3:02:52 PM | 4/25/2013

Just a short feature, and allow me to hit by the flows of the mainstream for this short while.

Well, sometimes, I wonder... how on earth do this video reached more than 221 million views within the period of only 12 days. Yes, 12 freaking days; 2 days short of a 2-week-span of time.

So much for Psy’s pranks and his gestures-turned-dance moves? Maybe, but hey, this actually sounded better than his first worldwide phenom hit Gangnam style. Forget that 1 billion hits (and still counting) that the video actually accumulated in his YouTube channel. Man, looks like he just proved himself that he is not a one-hit wonder anymore.

And come to think that Psy actually surpassed Justin Bieber’s record on views accumulated on a single video.

But still, even if the tune’s quite catchy, I ended up thinking of this question. Is this the only stuff that the mainstream can only provide us? A bunch of superficial-appealing-but-senseless-thing more known as “bubblegum pop” (I’d rather use the term “garbage” though)?

Hmmm...  I wonder. For “A-a-a-a I'm a... Mother, father, gentleman!” sakes.

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