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Friday, May 24, 2013


5/24/2013 12:15:44 PM

I think we should apply this saying:”The ones who cry loud, cries best.”

Brock Lesnar may be tagged as a “crybaby” due to the bad knee that he sustained during the finale part of the WWE’s Extreme Rules. But he delivered something more important than his tears and loudest moans – a victory. More importantly, that W served as the tie-breaker on their series of clashes between him and the 13-time champion Triple H.

Yes, not in your house, mister. Not on that hell in a cell match.

It barely seemed that the rivalry’s more intensified after Brock Lesnar broke Triple H’s arm, the latter’s best friend Shawn Michael’s arm, sent Vince McMahon down to the ground with that hip injury, and wreck Triple H’s office.

Almost everything was damaged on Triple H’s part, except when he won over Brock at that very-tough-stipulation-slash-almost-a-career-ending battle at the world’s largest wrestling event, Wrestlemania 29.

But how come Brock sustained that injury that made him branded as “crybaby” for that night? It was during his attempt to land his knee on triple H when the leg hit the steel bar instead. Oof, tough act to follow.

But how did he end up victorious? Blame Paul Heyman for that. I don’t even know why he was permitted to enter the cage? Or maybe I should review that fight again. All I know is that Brock may cry for a while, but he’s one of those hell-buffs in the wrestling world.

Extreme Rules 2013 Triple H Vs Brock Lesnar by anthonywalker24

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