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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Electrocuted Ending

4:02:55 PM | 5/23/2013 | Thursday

I never witnessed much of the World Wrestling Entertainment’s Extreme Rules event. As I turned on my television set (for the first and only time then) and tuned in to Studio 23, I only managed to catch the last two main fights, and that includes the title "Last Man Standing" match for the WWE championship, and the one in the steel cage. More like “Hell in the Cell,” if I got it right.

Sure, “it’s quite brutally scripted big time” as others may say. But and however, I find the last few minutes portion of the fight… not anymore. And I’m talking Ryback’s clash with the champion John Cena. They are already exchanging heated words and some physical action prior to the Extreme Rules contest. And it already seems that the former’s hungrier to win as the latter’s still battling with injuries on his left ankle.

Until Cena caught fire outside the ring and started to spray the fire extinguisher on Ryback. Yeah, the kid went totally brutal. He almost made it, until Ryback countered his combat attempt and carried Cena all the way… to the electrical hybrid set. Whoops! Bad move, Ryback. Really bad as both were (let me and you guys guess) electrocuted and some bulbs sparked out of it, much to the stunning reaction of the fans.

Now what happened to this match? Nah, no idea. Did anyone saw it coming? Not even I would have thought that. Maybe he thought that it’s just another LED-like wall and everyone will never absorb a shock right there. Yes, but that’s even worse feeling compared to somebody who hit a proverbial wall, and cried right there to his hurt.

But no. Damn it. Paramedics were called, the match was put into halt with no decision at hand. Mayeb that was a draw.

Again, damn it. Some news from the website bleachreport tells its final verdict. The match resulted into a draw. Ryback was limping, and Cena was putted on the neck brace but declined to seek medical help, however.

Oh, damn it, for the third time. Just don’t try that, kids… as what WWE tells you.

John Cena vs Ryback Last Man Standing Extreme... by dm_523d62a4581eb

Cause you might ended up wondering... like what the referee here.

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