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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Just My Opinion: Miami Heat versus Indiana Pacers Game 7

7:37:37 AM | 6/4/2013 | Tuesday

Game 7. The one they called the “ultimate” game for a playoff series. It serves like the ultimate test of faith, will, and determination for every single player and team. This is the game where you can’t afford to make a mistake (or you’ll die if you made one). Game 7, for all the marbles, for all the ages, for all the excitement, and bragging rights to the championship battle… no doubt about it.

For only the second time but (I think) the biggest game 7 so far in the 2013 National Basketball Association playoffs, it will be “one more clash” for the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers, and with two things are up for grabs: an Eastern Conference championship title, and one-way ticket to date the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals (yes, only “one way.” Either you have to win it or you’ll go home by losing).

The HEAT should be the easy favorites for the odds makers to win the East Finals. However, what went wrong for them? They lost games 2, 4 and 6 – with the first game set at their home court. They could have been break away in games 2 and 6, but it did not go their way. Forget Game 3’s statement win or James’ drive on their first contest with 22 seconds to play. They’re back to square one, which means that whatever they got from their previous six clashes, it really doesn't matter right now.

The PACERS are clearly one of the surprises for this year’s playoffs.  They have beaten another perennial title favorite team called the New York Knicks prior to the Eastern Conference Finals’ warfare with the Miami Heat. And now, they’re pushing the HEAT to the total limit. Youth was their power, and David West’s experience may be quite inadequate, but who cares for that matter? Come to think that Miami used to lost some of the “highly notable sudden death” contests, like one against the Atlanta Hawks a few years ago, and against Detroit Pistons for the Eastern Conference championship in 2005. Plus, the fact that LeBron James in his previous years with the Cleveland Cavaliers: he lost almost every single Game 7 matches, with one against Detroit (2006) and another against Boston (2010). Ouch.

He should get back to his MVP form, and Dwyane Wade should play like the way he was during their run with Shaquille O’ Neal on 2006. The good news for the defending champs though is that Chris Andersen will play on Game 7, after serving a one-game suspension in their previous outing at Indiana.

Or else, their experience will be haunted them, and LBJ will be branded as another act of choking, which fans are arguing much over him.

The Pacers should sustain their momentum in Game 6. Their young guns are firing, and were quite good on sticky defence, which barely means that despite their age, they can still play and mess up with the big boys in the league. Considering that their big win over NYK can be quite emotional for their part, but good thing these guys can still hold over it. Indy already had a big run whether they win Game 7 or end up losing. You’ve got to give them credit.

So, let’s get it on, folks! Game time!

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