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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My 25 All-Time Michael Jackson Favorite Songs (Part 1 of 4)

10:47:56 PM | 6/25/2013 | Tuesday

I’ve been a Michael Jackson fan for over… hmm, (I guess) almost 20 years. I used to listen to my cousin’s 80s cassette tapes in which some of his songs were part of his records. And for almost every single time I dig Magic 89.9’s Friday Madness, I heard at least one of his songs there. Also, during the 24K weekend of the now-defunct 99.5 RT.

As my catch-up duties for being his fan, I managed to grab a copy of his compilation-album entitled King of Pop: the Philippines’ Edition (and hey, it’s original). Also, played his Bucharest concert on my old DVD player (thanks to that same cousin of mine though).

His music reached billions. He bagged selected recognition. He has a remarkable talent. And as for that, here are my all-time 25 favorite songs of Michael Jackson (in no particular order).

I Want You Back. It’s actually from his family band, the Jackson 5. Those were the days were Motown was the name of the game. The band’s first major single, and it debuted to the charts in 1969. 30 years later, “I Want You Back” track was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, after selling 6 million copies worldwide.

One Day In Your Life. Track recorded in 1975 by Michael as a soloist for his album, “Forever, Michael.” The song reached an even higher level of success in the United Kingdom. In fact, in 2009, the single still managed to be part of the UK Singles Chart.

Blame it on the Boogie. Jackson 5 was reunited, or maybe because Michael went solo for some time in his previous years. Written by Mick Jackson (same name as MJ though they had no relation at all), Blame it on the Boogie was released in 1978. Supposedly, that track was intended for Stevie Wonder though.

Rock With You. The second single from Michael’s fifth studio album Off The Wall. It was released in November 3, 1979. This Rhythm and Blues/Pop/Disco tune was one of my ultimate all-time favorite 70s anthems. Hey, don’t you just love his suit and moves on this music video?

When there is second single, of course, there is… “First.” And I’m talking about Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough. First single from Off the Wall, this song was released in August 10, 1979 (just about 3 month ahead of Rock With You). Maybe, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” was the first of his major shockwave of hits to rock the airwaves of every music-affiliated medium. Apparently, this track made Michael’s first Grammy award since the early 70s.

The Girl Is Mine. A duet with the Beatles’ Paul McCartney, “The Girl Is Mine” is the first single from his sixth and critically-acclaimed best album “Thriller” in 1982. Talk about fighting over a girl, eh? However, this track was also subject to plagiarism lawsuits. And in the end, Michael and Epic records claimed it “mine.”

She’s Out Of My Life. Tom Bahler’s composition got some fame after MJ recorded that and became part of his’ Off the Wall album. Unlike his pop/disco funk tunes, “She’s Out Of My Life” was totally a different one. It is an emotional ballad, and one of Jackson’s slowest songs.

There’s more to come on my next and up-coming posts. Stand by! 

Post-script: Information credit goes to Wikipedia.

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  1. Love Billie Jean. One has to be deaf not to groove to the bass line. It makes feel depressed not being able to dance though.


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