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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My 25 All-Time Michael Jackson Favorite Songs (Part 2 of 4)

11:34:37 PM | 6/25/2013 | Tuesday

Most of the songs that I mentioned on my first part of this series were during Michael Jackson’s early going of his music career. Now, let’s move forward to his major breakout period – the 1980s; and the latter part of his career, 90s. You’re tuning (and at the same time, reading) my All-time favorite hits from the one and only King of Pop – Michael Jackson.

P.Y.T., or “Pretty Young Thing.” I only managed to listen to this track for the very first time, after one of the DJs from the Magic 89.9’s Friday Madness played it. Ironically, it was during the time when the King Of Pop passed away. Another thing, this sixth single from his Thriller album was written by James Ingram. Another top favorite anthem for me.

Thriller. The title track of his 1982 album. Follow-up to the success of his fifth major record Off The Wall, Jacko made a bunch of hits (in which 4 of them were his original compositions), and Thriller was one of them. Rod Temperton’s second composition track (the first was Rock with you), Thriller clicked in and was considered by many as one of the main Halloween themes. And the music video proved to be a real thriller, being nominated at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1984 and winning 3 of them.

Fast-forward to 1987. From Thriller, MJ went Bad. And I’m talking about the title track of his seventh-album. Well, Bad was released as the second single though. But if you ask me, I think Thriller still has the edge over Bad.

Smooth Criminal. This 1988 track has 2 early versions before Jackson coming up with the finished product: Chicago 1945, and Al Capone. Now, which reminds me of something: maybe the concept of Chicago 1945n was present on This Is It’s version of Smooth Criminal. And… yeah, who can ever forget the extended version of Smooth Criminal shown in Michael’s movie Moonwalker?

Okay, from 87, let’s turn the time machine a bit faster, (or forward, rather). Talk about a rocker kid rebelling on his dad, eh? Black or White is the first single on MJ’s eight studio album Dangerous. The song was launched to the public on November 11, 1991. The music video got a hot remark and censorship issues. Nah, I haven’t thought of doing the kid’s shoes in this video though I used to remember this song as the first track playing on my cousin’s cassette tape.

The Earth Song. Honestly, when I saw this song’s version at his docu- movie This Is It, it gave me goose bumps. I mean, literally. I think The Earth Song carries one of today’s messages, especially if we’re talking about Climate Change. Yes, something to ponder on.

Apparently, same thing with this one. Though Heal the World was also released under the hit album Dangerous in November 23, 1992. This track serves as the main anthem for Michael’s Heal the World Foundation. For me, one of the sweetest tracks he ever made. We should make our own respective ways on how we should heal this world, too.

11 more, including my Top Favorite Four  songs to go! Stay Tuned!

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