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Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Review: World War Z

9:50:12 AM | 7/7/2013 | Sunday

Okay, just another zombie movie at the screens, like those previous horror pictures and even the video-game-renowned “Resident Evil” series. And Brad Pitt is on another showcase coming off from a Max Brooks novel. I even thought of asking questions like why is this movie titled as World War Z? Is this a mixed fusion of an Anime Series and a possible third of a tri-logical series of a real life World War?

Heck, kidding all the corny lines aside, former United Nations employee Gerry Lanes had battled and investigated the rabies-infused-like creatures which actually turned humans into a bunch of killer zombies, from the heavy traffic chaos at Philadelphia all the way to Camp Humpreys in South Korea, to Jerusalem and into the World Health Organization facility in Wales. Indeed, a world outbreak was staged.

Most of the people who were still on their normal state of life were running for their lives, rescued by the armed forces and were forced to live in civilizations floating into the United States warships, inside their camps, or even inside the walled city of Jerusalem. But those who were living in land were badly attacked by the large number of zombies’ population though.

Thus and still seeking for more after the other theories he had in mind, Gerry turned himself as the last resort on experiment. Yes, making himself the subject of his own investigation, desperately seeking for an answer to possibly neutralize the zombies by injecting himself a lethal but curable pathogen.

Okay, my take. Some scenes were meant to be suspicious, a thrilling one, or even much intensity. But some of them did not really come up to the expectations of audiences like me.

I commend Brad Pitt for portraying the character though. That was quite a tough one to handle, considering you’re the only guy who can save the remaining number of mankind from the apocalyptic-like catastrophe of creatures named as zombie. And you are emotionally torn on choosing whether to join the state’s armed forces to save the world, or you just sit there and safe with your wife and daughters. Talk about risking lives, eh?

Aside from his acting and the plot, there are many factors that are lacking to compliment the movie though. Something that I think some movie goers who watched this film are asking.

The Verdict: 7.2


World War Z stars Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale, Matthew Fox. Directed by Marc Foster, WORLD WAR Z was made possible by Skydance Productions, Hemisphere Media Capital, GK Films and Plan B Entertainment. Distributed by Paramount Pictures

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