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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Punk’s Revenge

11/4/2013 8:19:25 PM

I think he just got his revenge.

And this time around, vengeance came in full force.

I’m talking about Paul Heyman’s eventual defeat over the Best in the World CM Punk.

How did that happened?

Watch it here.

As I watch the entire coverage of Hell In A Cell matches in Studio 23 last week (I think that was around 11 in the evening), it was more excited to see the match over the other main-rounder match – which involves three wrestling personalities – Daniel Bryan against Randy Orton for the world championship with the Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels as the guest referee for the match.

At one point, you might think that CM’s former manager was “untouchable,” huh? As he is standing up there on the top of the cage and staring at his opponent all-match long. Well, until iut went the other way around.
Seriously speaking, this match made my night, and as well as for the rest of the WWE battles for Hell In A Cell.

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